Wildcats have options

Arizona has numerous directions it can go in now that Grant Jerrett has made the decision to go to the NBA. Read on for a closer look at these options and more.

Although Arizona fans looked forward to Grant Jerrett in a Wildcat uniform next season, it appears that it will not happen, as Jerrett has decided to enter the NBA Draft.

The initial reaction from Arizona fans was surprise mixed with amazement at how Jerrett could make such a decision when he likely is not ready to play at the NBA level. However, we will choose to focus more on what this means for the Wildcats next year rather than what it means for Jerrett's future.

The reality of the situation is that it actually does not mean a lot for Arizona. The Wildcats were already in the discussion for having the best front court in the nation next season and while Arizona is going to lose some depth and talent, it is not the type of decision that is going to crush a team.

Jerrett was slated to see most of his minutes at the five backing up Kaleb Tarczewski. He probably would have been good for around 25 minutes per game and certainly would have been one of Arizona's best shooters.

However, Arizona still has plenty of size on its roster. As we mentioned two seasons ago, Sean Miller and the Arizona coaching staff made a decision to never again put a team on the court that severely lacked size. Thus, it went out and landed Jerrett, Brandon Ashley, Kaleb Tarczewski, and Matt Korcheck to go along with Angelo Chol.

Jerrett leaving does make the minute distribution interesting. There was, and still is, plenty of intrigue around the way that Miller was going to give out minutes. With Jerrett gone, it becomes a bit clearer.

Tarczewski will start and get the majority of minutes at center, Ashley will the see the majority of his time at power forward, and Gordon will see his time at small forward and power forward as well.

Angelo Chol looks as if he can still redshirt and likely will, but there is plenty of time left to make that decision. The real decision is how Arizona will address the minutes that Jerrett left over. It can easily just move on without him and arrange the minutes where a few guys move around a bit more and see a few more minutes than previously thought.

The other option is that Arizona can go out and get a graduate transfer. There is a handful of talent available and you have to assume that the coaching staff will be able to land a decent player with the selling point of competing for a national title.

Yet another option is doing what it did with T.J. McConnell. Arizona could find a transfer that is not eligible next year, but would be able to come in and work with the practice squad in order to be ready for the following season. There would be numerous things that would have to happen in order for it to be possible, but it is something to keep in mind.

Basically, Jerrett's transfer is more disappointing off the court than on it. Sure, he was a model citizen for Arizona that tried his hardest and did contribute in some ways. However, he is not irreplaceable by any means and Arizona has plenty of options, none of which can seemingly go wrong.

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