ACC MEDIA DAY: Ian Miller Exclusive

CHARLOTTE-- Florida State guard Ian Miller is healthy for the first time in nearly a year, and he is in the best shape of his life. The Seminoles senior sat down with Fox Sports/ to talk about his journey, and break down his expectations for the team this season.

CHARLOTTE-- Heading into last season, Florida State guard Ian Miller was riding high off a sensational sophomore year and the program's first Atlantic Coast Conference championship. However, last November, Miller bruised a bone in his foot significantly impacting his effectiveness on the court.

Miller's nagging injury prevented him from practicing on a regular basis and limited his movement. As a result, Miller packed on nearly 20 pounds and he lost the explosive change of speed, and smooth jumper that defined his successful sophomore campaign.

Miller returns this season with a clean bill of health, and without those 20 extra pounds he packed on last season. He talks about how his injury helped him appreciate the game, how he has changed as a player, and what to expect from both him and the team this season, in the video below.

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