Izzo expects to return to MSU

Spartans coach on next season: "I"m going to be at Michigan State," but "never say never"

Another offseason and another time for Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's name to be in NBA coaching rumors.

This time, it is mostly focused on the Minnesota Timberwolves, but Izzo said Wednesday he expects to be at Michigan State next season.

On an ESPN podcast with Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg, Izzo was asked about where he expects to be next season given the NBA rumors.

"First of all, I'm going to be at Michigan State," Izzo replied. "You can't trick me into that anymore."

Heading into his 20th year as the Michigan State head coach, Izzo said he still hears things about Nick Saban – the now Alabama coach who, while at Michigan State, said he was not going anywhere.

For Izzo, he offered up "never say never" about the NBA being a possibility in his future.

"Nobody knows where any of us are going to be," he said. "If somebody made me an offer like the Los Angeles Lakers that was so good that it would impress everybody, does that mean I would never say never? I'm not doing that anymore. I see too many people get stung that.

"I'll put it this way: We have a big time recruit coming in right now in about an hour, so if I was leaving, I wouldn't be recruiting."

Izzo tossed his name in as a "college guy," as he has before.

"If I'm good enough to coach in that league and somebody thinks I am, I should be good enough to coach college players," he said.

He also was asked about the summer of 2010, when he was heavily courted by the Cleveland Cavaliers before deciding to return to Michigan State.

"The NBA is the NBA, it's the top of our profession," he said. "Everybody's going to take care of their family. Everybody's going to look for what's best."

He voiced his displeasure with how the college game now so closely resembles the NBA, as well.

"Money, TV contracts, the way we're doing things with expansions of leagues," he said. "We're traveling all over the world, unlike football. We have a game on the road at 9 o'clock, you get back at 3 and you've got academic issues. We're not a Saturday game-type thing.

"There's issues everywhere. I'm just fortunate I've got a good job. I've had some success, and success means sometimes there's rumors, sometimes there's opportunities."

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