Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Looting, shooting, and outer space. Need we say more?

If you’ve been spending all your time in Destiny’s shared-world, grinding out levels and doing raids, you can stop right now because Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel launched this week and it’s a measurable 1000x more badass than any of its co-op competitors.

The third game in the series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a first-person shooter that blends in RPG elements (skill trees and other enhancement to your characters) and wraps it all in a plot that’s evil, insane and, often, hilarious. Just like its predecessors. Basically, it’s got everything we find ourselves missing in Destiny; consistent 4-player co-op, a wider variety of character classes, tons of varied cannon fodder enemies, a literally infinite selection of deadly weapons and, most importantly, a story we actually care about.

If you’re already a fan of the looney-tunes-and-gunpowder series, you’ll jump right into the story and its four new playable characters. If this is your first foray in Borderlands’ loot-hunting world of mayhem, you’ll pick it up right away. After all, this is a prequel and that means we’re all starting at the very beginning.

Ironically, the Borderlands game that tells the earliest part of the story also feels the most advanced. Sure, normal environments feel like they did in previous games but the moment you take the fight onto the various surfaces of outer space and gravity falls away, you know you’re playing the most complex version of Borderlands ever available. It doesn’t hurt that the story is an attention grabber or that the dialogue is razor sharp and consistently funny either.

Sadly, Xbox One and PS4 owners are left out in the cold for this one. BTPS is only for PC, 360 and PS3...for now. We have high hopes for a reissue for the new-gen sometime next year, if we’re being realistic. Until then, fire up your beloved last-gen console, dive into Borderlands and help Handsome Jack on an oddly virtuous journey to becoming the villain we wish we could be….if we could ever be that cool. For everyone else who traded away their PS3 to get a PS4, Destiny will have to suffice.

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