VIDEO: Billy Donovan at SEC Tipoff

Watch Florida's coach discuss the "jump" in play the Gators need from Kasey Hill and Chris Walker, the latter of whom Donovan described as coming in at "a low level" a season ago.

CHARLOTTE – It's hard to do any better than 18-0.

That's where Florida finished Southeastern Conference play last season, but many of the cast has moved on to the NBA, leaving head coach Billy Donovan with a new project on his hands.

During his time at SEC Tipoff Wednesday morning, Donovan addressed the process of putting the pieces together on a new team, in particular the "jump" the Gators need sophomores Kasey Hill and Chris Walker to make.

"Those guys need to make a jump, there's no question about that," Donovan acknowledged. "I think Chris Walker has made a jump, but the problem with Chris is that he was at such a low level when he got here. I mean I can't tell you how low of a level. When I say low level, I mean a guy that finished his high school basketball season in February and didn't get on campus until probably the middle of December. That's almost a whole year of not even playing.

"He came in at 203 pounds. Then having to lift, having to learn a new system, style, practice. He was just starting off at square one. He's made a nice jump, but he's not nearly where he needs to be right now."

Watch the video below for Donovan's take on Hill as well as how he approaches identifying leaders.


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