VIDEO: Frank Martin at SEC Tipoff

Watch South Carolina coach Frank Martin react to the perception of the SEC and speak to the difficulty of getting over the hump when you're on the bubble.

CHARLOTTE – Echoing what was a common theme Wednesday at SEC Tipoff, South Carolina coach Frank Martin wondered aloud why the conference has endured the reputation it has in recent years.

Martin discussed the rigors of getting into the NCAA Tournament and even gave a nice boxing analogy to reporters in the Ballantyne Hotel.

"At the end of the day if you don't win the conference tournament, you're hoping to persuade people," Martin explained. "It's like a boxing match. The crowd can clap all they want, but you're hoping that the three people that are ringside with the little computer, where they hit that little button, that they hit it enough in your favor to where you have a decision to keep playing in March.

Watch the video below as Martin shares his full thoughts on how the league is perceived, how the Gamecocks are trying to alter that perception on their end and more.


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