VIDEO: Andy Kennedy at SEC Tipoff

Watch Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy talk at length about the Rebels moving on from Marshall Henderson and the return of his "best player," Jarvis Summers.

CHARLOTTE – For coach Andy Kennedy and Ole Miss, this offseason has been about moving on and moving forward from a player that was quite simply a whirlwind in Oxford the last two seasons in Marshall Henderson.

Kennedy, while at SEC Tipoff at the Ballantyne Hotel Wednesday, discussed the transition for some time. At one point Kennedy made it clear that he's still returning his "best player" this season in point guard Jarvis Summers.

Here's a portion of what Kennedy had to say about life after Marshall (who Kennedy informed is currently playing professionally in Qatar):

"It's different. He's a guy that brought great energy to everything we did," said Kennedy. "He's a guy that when it felt like leather he was going to shoot it. So we've had to get other people accustomed to other roles. Marshall was good for Ole Miss. Ole Miss was good for Marhsall. We certainly turned the page."

Watch the video below for more from Kennedy, including his thoughts on whether the league will be deeper and more balanced in 2014-15.


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