NCAA Portland: Hayford, Eastern Wash. Players

The Eastern Washington head coach, Jim Hayford, and players Tyler Harvey and Venky Jois talk about the Eagles 84-74 loss to Georgetown in the second round of the NCAA Tournament in Portland...

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Eastern Washington and student-athletes.

COACH HAYFORD: Congratulations to Georgetown. They're a very good team. The difference tonight was how they shot the ball and how we shot the ball. We needed a really good shooting night to beat them. We didn't bring it. That probably needs to be a credit to them for their defense. Those are some long guys that you're shooting over, and they play very smart. I give them full credit. We didn't lose tonight; they beat us. You saw my team has great character, great fight. We played it down till the end. I'm just really proud. That's a top 25 team that beat us. We gave them a really good game. Appreciate my seniors. I have two juniors to my left. We don't have just a good team, but we've built a good program. You saw what we were doing with some freshmen out on the court. I just wish practice for next year could start tomorrow because I really, really love the heart and fiber of the guys on my team. Again, congratulations to Georgetown University, they have a very good team. I wish them the best. Very well-coached. They shot the ball again very, very well. Their defense was the difference and us not having the kind of shooting night I think we could have had.

THE MODERATOR: The floor is open for questions for the student-athletes.

Q. Could you talk about how Georgetown's defense compared to other defenses you have faced this year.
TYLER HARVEY: Georgetown, they're a really big team. We don't have those kind of teams in the Big Sky. But they're really long. They're aggressive on defense. We got a couple open looks. Just didn't go down for us don't. They're a really long team. You've got to hit shots against them.

VENKY JOIS: Yeah, I think the same. In the post, you're facing 6'10" athletic guys you don't see in the Big Sky. It's just a different look. You know, I really don't think we couldn't have scored against them, I think we did in spurts. Like coach said, it was just a matter of we needed to shoot really well. Credit to them, they stopped us.

Q. Tyler, looks like you were pushed to the court at one spot late in the first half, leading by one. Things seemed to slip away from you guys. Did anything happen on that play?
TYLER HARVEY: No, I think just slipped on a wet spot. Looked like he came into me. No big deal.

Q. Tyler, they shot a lot better from three than they have most of the year. Difficulty getting into them guarding or did they surprise you in that regard?
TYLER HARVEY: We were trying to focus on inside-out defense against them. They can pound it inside. We were there, forced the kick outs. They were knocking it down. Tall guys shooting it over us. Credit to them, they were knocking them down tonight.

THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you very much. Floor is open for questions for Coach Hayford.

Q. What did you think about Georgetown's intensity? They've had a history of having some rough patches early in tournaments. Did they seem particularly intense tonight, and determined not to let that happen to you, in your mind?
COACH HAYFORD: They play hard. They play really hard. I'm glad we were playing basketball. I wouldn't want to wrestle or play football against them (laughter). I think they were intense. I think their coaching staff let them know -- they were ready to play the first round. I mean, they were intense. They were tough. Those guys are tough.

Q. You managed to get Smith in foul trouble. Hayes came off the bench and hurt you with some offensive rebounds. You accomplished half your goal there, correct?
COACH HAYFORD: Yeah. I mean, that's hard to get around. You have to leave the arena, give him a ticket and come back in if you're going to go around him and get a rebound. That's tough. We would have loved to have him out on the court more. I think Venky did a great job of attacking him. We game planned him for playing about 20 minutes, not six. He's good. He'll be fresher for whoever they play next.

Q. Do you in any way regret maybe giving them some poster board material?
COACH HAYFORD: No, not at all. I don't think that motivated them. I wouldn't have wanted to play this team without my team having full confidence.

THE MODERATOR: Jim, thank you very much.


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