16 Teams Keep Marching, So Show Your Support!

Can Kentucky win it all? Can UCLA keep their magical run going? Storylines abound in the Sweet Sixteen.

Remember that time – a long, long, time ago (like a week ago) – when everyone said UCLA didn’t even deserve to make the tournament? Or when Villanova looked like the favorite in the East? Now, Villanova's headed home and UCLA's on to the Sweet Sixteen.

The point being that this is March. Anything can happen – and probably will.

So, if your team just made it to the second weekend, you should celebrate it – even if you’re a Kentucky fan, a trip to the Sweet Sixteen shouldn’t be taken for granted. Remember Wichita State last year? They were undefeated going into the tournament, and got knocked out in the Round of 32 (by Kentucky, but still). How about Kelly Olynyk’s Gonzaga squad the year before that? They were the number one overall seed, and they, too, were knocked out before the Sweet Sixteen.

So, maybe West Virginia will get knocked out by Kentucky next game, or maybe they’ll surprise the undefeated Wildcats. Maybe UCLA will continue to prove the experts wrong, and maybe Wichita State will prove they’re the real deal.

Either way, though – win or lose their next game – most of these teams are hanging a banner after this season.

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