Full Transcript: Powell, Parker on Gonzaga

The full transcript from the UCLA athletes' post-game press conference, featuring Norman Powell and Tony Parker, courtesy of ASAP Sports...

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the UCLA student-athletes.

Q. Norman, you guys were able to get to within a point and then they hit you with that run. What were they able to do?

Norman Powell: They were able to work the ball around and get good shots. You know, a team like that when they have three senior guards, they're experienced. They're not going to get rattled. We went on our 6-0 run, they really attacked us in transition and were able to swing the ball around and make open shots and they fed the ball into the post and they were making shots in the post.

Q. How difficult was it when they kept feeding the ball inside to their big guys?

NORMAN POWELL: It was tough, you know, but I think the coaches did a great job in trying to have us double-team them. We made the big guy, Karnowski, make passes and try to make it difficult on him, but they're able to get through our trap and get to the bucket.

Q. This place has a history anyway of poor shooting performances from teams. Can you guys talk a little bit about the atmosphere shooting here at this gym?

THE MODERATOR: Tony, start with that, then we'll go to Norman.

Tony Parker: It really didn't affect you once you got between the lines. I was just concentrating making shots and the ball didn't bounce our way to night and we -- they beat us up on the glass and at the free throw line, and that decided the game.

NORMAN POWELL: We did a great job of being able to get shots up before the game. And when you're in the middle of play, you're not thinking about playing in a dome or that perception. When you're shooting, you're trying to make shots and concentrate and focus. It was a tough night for us, but I don't think it really affected us. We were just shooting the ball the way we normally shoot it.

Q. Tony, you spent time on both Karnowski and Sabonis. Obviously very different players. Do they complement each other, and what was it like having to kind of switch back and forth between those two different players?

TONY PARKER: They're very different players, but they play well and they play well together. You can tell. Karnowski has been covering up Sabonis a lot because he's always in the right spots when he gets doubled. He's always looking for the ball. They play well off each other. Him, Kyle and Sabonis, they really play well together as bigs.

Q. This question is for Tony Parker. This wasn't a particularly pretty game for either team this evening. My question is: Do you feel -- when did you feel that this might be a pretty long night for you guys?

TONY PARKER: We wasn't hitting shots that we usually hit all the time. We just had a tough shooting night. We have a tough shooting night, we got to lock-down on defense and kept giving up second shots. Usually our guards get to the line and they get going. They couldn't get to the line. Nobody could get to the line. That really hurt us.

Full transcript courtesy ASAP Sports.

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