Wright, Bachynski, and Poetltl on Tough Loss

Full transcript from the Utah post-game press conference featuring Delon Wright, Dallin Bachynski, and Jakob Poeltl, courtesy of ASAP Sports...

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by University of Utah's Delon Wright, Dallin Bachynski, and Jakob Poeltl.

Q. For Delon, you know you guys were down by a lot from the middle of the second half, what kind of happened in that rally to make your way back and make it a fight at the end?

DELON WRIGHT: Some things just started going our way. We started to rebound, stops, some baskets started to go in for us, and we were able to make a run. So, you know, that's pretty much it.

Q. Dallin and Delon, how do you feel about the last game of your careers in Utah's uniform?

THE MODERATOR: Dallin, go first.

DALLIN BACHYNSKI: For me, I just wish I could have left a little more out there. I tried playing hard and I wish I could have done a little more. I think we all have some regrets from the game and we would like a redo, really, but, you know, I'm not thinking about the game right now. I'm thinking about the whole experience that I had with all of my teammates and all my friends and my family that I'll miss.

DELON WRIGHT: It was tough. Feel like we could have won that game. You know, just one of those games that we weren't clicking as a team, but, you know, it happens and we have to move on.

Q. The question is, with about five minutes left in the game, pulled within 8, really great containment pressure, seemed like you weren't going to go anywhere. Talk about that and did you feel a good resurgence at that point, and that's for all three of you guys.

THE MODERATOR: Jakob, take that.

JAKOB POELTL: I didn't get that a hundred percent. Say it again.

Q. No problem. It's about five minutes left in the game, you guys pulled within 8 and the containment pressure was very good that you guys were putting on Duke. Talk about that, and did you guys feel a resurgence at that point?

JAKOB POELTL: Well, we knew we could play better than what we showed before that and we just stick together. We knew the game wasn't over and we played with energy, played hard, and, like you said, we got within 8. I know there's not much more to say. We played hard, but we couldn't really finish it off at the end.

Q. Dallin, what are the regrets that you have?

DALLIN BACHYNSKI: I think there was a couple rebounds I could have got. There were a couple times where I could have hustled a little more, maybe made a better pass, and then I got two free throws I missed at the line.

Q. For all three players, do you feel like with the comeback you made at the end, you went down swinging?

DELON WRIGHT: Yeah, we definitely went down swinging. I think we made it a game towards the end and, you know, that's about it.

DALLIN BACHYNSKI: I know that all our guys are not quitters, not a single one of us would stop fighting by the end of the game; whether we're down 8, 9 or 5 or 2, we're going to keep fighting and going, and it's just the kind of players that we've got. We're not quitters, and every day we're going to come and even tomorrow we're going to take some rest and recover. But once we get back at it, we'll be a hundred percent.

JAKOB POELTL: I think we showed great character at the end, and we definitely didn't lose that game at the end. I think we could have done a better job in the first half.

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