Rutgers boss Eddie Jordan is optimistic about his team this season

CHICAGO - The top three point shooting team in the NBA won it all last year, and Eddie Jordan wants to mimic that style of play. With improved athleticism in the backcourt to help on defense, Jordan is giving his young guards freedom to fire from deep.

Expectations aren’t high for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, but Head Coach Eddie Jordan has some optimism about his squad. The third year boss of the Scarlet Knights has some exciting young talent coming in, and feels his team can improve on last season.

One reason for Jordan’s optimism freshman Corey Sanders.

“Young, athletic, enthusiastic, knows how to play,” said Jordan of Sanders. “You know, he's one of the top guys already who can start for us.”

In specific it is Sanders’ athleticism that makes him so unique, and Jordan feels that is a part of a major upgrade for the Scarlet Knights.

“When I got to Rutgers two years ago our three guards could barely touch the rim,” explained Jordan. “Now we have three guards, arguably four, that can complete highlight reel dunks. Corey Sanders especially has athleticism you can’t teach. I like to tell him to stay on the floor and make the right pass, but he uses his athleticism to create and make great plays.”

He continued, “It gives us a great advantage to have a point guard who finish above the rim and everything.”

Along with the improved athleticism in his backcourt, Jordan also is looking to three point shooting to help the Scarlet Knights improve on their initial campaign in the Big Ten.

“If it's a good open shot, I don't care if it's 22 seconds on the clock, go ahead and shoot,” said Jordan of his emphasis on his team getting up a lot of threes.

According to Jordan the usage of the three point shot is something that has grown in all levels of basketball.

“I think you are seeing it now in the NBA, international basketball, and in college,” said Jordan. “The three point shot has become a very dangerous weapon. The pros like James Harden and Steph Curry, their play influences younger kids to take the shot and they practice it more.”

With the help of some added made threes and improved athleticism in the backcourt led by Bishop Daniels and Sanders, Jordan is optimistic that his team can have a big year and continue to make strides as a program.

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