Selection Sunday: Indiana Tournament Preview with Head Coach Tom Crean

Tom Crean breaks down why the Big Ten was disrespected on Selection Sunday.

The Big Ten Champion Indiana Hoosiers are a 5 seed in the East Region of the NCAA Tournament, and that feels a little low for head coach Tom Crean.

"What do I think about the seed? It probably doesn't add up. I know the last three years, we won it and we were a 1 seed. Michigan State won it and they were a 2 seed. Wisconsin won it and they were a 1 seed. I certainly didn't think we'd be one of those, but I don't know what the number would be for past Big Ten champions. But when you're in a league like this, and you've gone through what we've gone through ... all I know is this: we need to remind ourselves that we just went through an incredible battle in this league against some great teams."

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