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John Calipari wants to change the SEC Conference Tournaments

John Calipari offered his idea on how to improve the conference tournament format while at SEC spring meetings.

John Calipari is not a fan of postseason conference tournaments. 

The Kentucky head coach offered his thoughts on that subject along with automatic bids as he spoke to reporters while in Destin, Fla. for the SEC spring meetings. Against the current postseason setup, the longtime coach suggested a change altering the timeline and impact of an SEC event.

"Let's have a preseason tournament where you're guaranteed three games," Calipari said. "We go somewhere and all the fans come in and we celebrate our league."

Calipari's idea would include a conference tournament in early November that would not have an impact on the NCAA Tournament. Rather, the regular season champion would capture the automatic bid. 

His comments come after a season where Kentucky defeated Texas A&M in the SEC Tournament, only to earn a No. 4 seed while the Aggies were awarded a No. 3. 

"A&M got a three seed. Did we not play a basketball game today?" Calipari said in an ESPN interview after the bracket was announced.

On the Paul Finebaum Show, Calipari elaborated on his formatting comments and showed he may not be over March's tournament seedings.

"What if you win the SEC tournament, does it help you? It doesn't do anything, it doesn't do a thing," the National Championship-winning coach said. "Why in the world are we even playing this?"

The coach's commentary didn't end at the meetings. Calipari took to Twitter to discuss another "crazy idea" on how to tweak the conference tournament format, this time focusing on where and how an early-November tournament would play out.

It's unlikely Coach Cal will get his wish, but at least he's speaking his mind and thinking outside of the box. 

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