Baylor Blown Out by Cowboys

After a week of hype and everyone in Baylor nation feeling good, it was clear too many people read their own press clippings. The Oklahoma State Cowboys humbled Baylor Nation.

0 points at half. Over 200 yards passing to the opposing team. 2 TD's to Oklahoma State's star running back. Over 80 yards a TD to Oklahoma State's star wide receiver. And that was just at the half. That was just the beginning of the game en route to a record setting day for Oklahoma State.

The Baylor Bears appeared to have read their own press clippings, and decided that all they needed to do was show up to win the battle against Oklahoma State in Stillwater. At one point early in the 2nd half, it was 34-0, and surely then, Baylor players were given a wake up call. Turnovers, penalties, lack of defense, lack of execution. You name a negative thing in the game of football - Baylor showed it to you on Saturday. This was not the team that was 7-2, but instead, resembled teams of years past that were 2-7.

After the absolute blowout at the hands of Oklahoma State, the question remaining for this Baylor football team will be whether this is the Baylor bears of the last 10 years, or whether this is the team that media said you were during this past week.

In the end, Baylor was blown out 55-28 by Oklahoma State en route to 700+ yards of offense for Oklahoma State. They were never in the game. Gave their fans no hope. And said goodbye to any and all positive press. The question going forward will be whether they will rebound from the putrid performance and show up against A&M or simply show up expecting to win again.

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