Upset Saturday in the Big 12

The last year of the Big 12 as we know it is proving to be an interesting one. While it is a stretch to call too many of the outcomes in the Big 12 "upsets", yesterday certainly did not play out the way the betting lines suggested it might.

After about 9 weeks of fairly normal happenings, the Big 12 was turned on its head yesterday.

Texas A&M over Oklahoma. Upset
Kansas over Colorado. Upset
Kansas State over the University of Texas. Upset
Texas Tech over Missouri. Upset

Iowa State almost beat Nebraska, and for betting purposes, they did win as the underdog. The Baylor at Oklahoma State was the only game that held the line so to speak. So it is no surprise when you take a step back after a day like Saturday in the Big 12, that you see a set of standings which prove the last few weeks of this Big 12 should be pretty fun to follow.

Here are the new standings:

Nebraska (4-1, 8-1)
Missouri (3-2, 7-2)
Kansas State (3-3, 6-3)
Iowa State (3-3, 5-5)
Kansas (1-4, 3-6)

Oklahoma State (4-1, 8-1)
Baylor (4-2, 7-3)
Texas A&M (3-2, 6-3)
Oklahoma (3-2, 7-2)
Texas Tech (3-4, 5-4)
Texas (2-4, 4-5)

Yes, that is the Texas Longhorns in last place in the Big 12 South. In the last year of the Big 12 as we have known it, we have one of the more unpredictable seasons unfolding before our eyes. A team like Oklahoma State, that lost so many starters that everyone chose them to finish 5th in the South preseason, has played so well that they control their own destiny in winning the Big 12 and even making a BCS Bowl game.

A team like Baylor, who although lost handily at the hands of the Cowboys yesterday, still can finish higher than they ever have in the Big 12 if they can take care of business in their last 2 games, both of which come at home where the Bears have yet to lose this year. You have Texas A&M, struggling just a few weeks ago; but insert a new quarterback and two huge home wins in a row have you feeling great about your team.

In the Big 12 South overall, 2 and 1/2 games is all that separates 1st place from last place. And as next Saturday's slate of games features three Big 12 South division matchups, you can imagine that the season of disarray could certainly continue (Baylor v. A&M; Tech at Oklahoma; Oklahoma State at Texas).

This may not be what Texas had in mine when they began conference realignment discussions over the summer, but it is clear other schools took the message to heart. The message? If you want to protect yourself, it's time to upset the apple cart. And that's exactly what this season has been about. Should be a fun last few weekends in the Big 12 this year.

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