Bears get after each other in Monday's practice

Today the team was put through a lot more contact work. Saturday's scrimmaging must have whetted the appetites of the coaches to see more, or scared them so much that they've decided to teach football by having the players play real football. The tackling was still "protective" and "guarded," but the hitting was real enough. I loved it!

Mind you, they didn't move the chains....and the second phase didn't allow real tackling....but some drills were 'all out" stuff. The defense was getting dern proud of itself and roaring at an interception (Derek Cash #33) but that got the offense fired up and all of a sudden Marques Roberts (#3) caught a hot slant pass from Aaron Karas (#2) and the Paul Mosley (#17) ripped into the secondary with an off tackle burst and the offensive guys started celebrating some.

It was fun to watch....but the fact is that I can't tell how they would do against Colorado as yet. No one can. They are working harder than I've ever seen in some time by quite a bit.

Jonathan Golden (#48) was back today and ran hard. Travis Farst (#67) has a hurt patella (knee cap) and I don't know what's happened to Randy Cornejo (#63) or Shane Williams (#44) yet. Shane may be wearing gold #10, but that makes no sense to me. I'll ask questions Wednesday.

Well, in a nutshell - I was impressed that today more scrimmaging occurred. It wasn't as many plays as Saturday, by a long shot, but the fellas got after it pretty well. The defense was getting excited with themselves after some good plays early, but that seemed to irritate the offense and fine plays by Karas (that pass to Roberts on the 10 yd slant) and that powerful run off left takle by Mosley which got the offensive boys to celebrating a little. We are definitely going through tougher practices every day - moreso than the past couple of years, at least.

The offensive linemen are being used interchangeably in terms of left side/right side. The tackles play either side as do the guards play guard on either side. However, guards don't play tackle and vice-versa.

I'm really concerned about the tight end position. No one I've seen playing there has the enough size required in the Big 12...IMO. I'll be looking forward to seeing Michael Miller come August.

Daniel Sepulveda (#37) is one fine-looking LB and the word is that he may be the best punter available at this moment. That's only a rumor, though. The earliest thing in practice every day is special teams work. They actually work for a minimum of 15 minutes on rushing the punter. A coach actually kicks the ball into the hands, arms, or tummy of the rusher. Another coach on another area of the field uses a ball with a long stick, attached at a 45 degree angle and he moves it in order to get the DEs to rush on the move of the ball, not any sound. They spend 15 minutes solid on that drill and it seems like most everybody with ANY kind of speed goes through it. These coaches are DETERMINED to improve our special teams!

The 'inside drill' is live; offensive linemen and backs vs live defensive tackles, defensiv ends and linebackers. It is conducted on the end of the practice field where the OL works on their special drills. It is head knocking supreme kind of stuff....and the OL worked harder today than I've ever seen them work.

Several times today, the RB was able to show why I'm a bit worried about the DL. Linebackers and defensive ends pursuit seemed really good to me, though. RBs who 'stood out' were Mosley, Kreig and Golden. None of the walk-on RBs showed me any genuine potential, I'm afraid.

Coaches made them hustle all day....but they don't show a glimmer of unwillingness to do so. Attitude is good. Real good. Oh - when there's a fumble every RB automatically hits the ground to do push-ups. No hesitation whatsoever. Looks like a real team when that happens. I have to fight the slight hope of seeing fumbles because that impresses me so much. There aren't many (fumbles). . .promise! Coach Carr is really getting the RBs "into it."

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