Bears get it on in Friday practice

For a time today, I stood next to former BU and Washington Redskin great OL Mike Hughes (Miracle on the Brazos '74 vet) identifying various players for him. I didn't have to say anything about the differences in how the team is being trained than in recent years, though. He continually marveled at how physical and high-effort and incredibly fast paced the practice drills are being conducted. He thinks the OL is much better in terms of their physical condition, though they're not there yet.

Coach Lancaster got upset with the offensive linemen today and they had to go against the defensive linemen full-bore for about fifteen minutes immediately following a short scrimmage. I saw Lorenzo Davis (#53) do as impressive a "bull rush" as I've seen any defensive lineman do in years. His 315 lbs was irritated at doing extra work, so he "took care of business." Montez Murphy and Khari Long had good moments in that drill as well. The best offensive linemen today were Cedric Fields and Quintin Outland, IMO.

The DBs had a good day as Larry Bynum (#16) got a "deflection interception" and Anthony Arline (#41) gave up what would have been a pass completion, but for a split second, then he scratched and clawed it out of the receiver's grasp for the break-up. This really excited the defensive unit.

John Martin (#87) caught a nice TD pass down the middle "over the top" of the secondary. It was from Karas, I believe. Marques Roberts (#3) caught a TD pass with a couple of DBs fighting him for the ball. It was a "quick-pop" style pass on an out pattern from the seven yard line.

Davon Vinson (#7) didn't have his best day of the week. The DL was giving the OL holy heck all day so the QBs didn't have much time. Coach Carr (RBs) and Coach Nelson (DEs) were constantly exhorting the defense to play hard and to challenge the offense. Coach Carr said he wanted to see if the guys he coaches have any real fight and spirit. All these coaches are very much pushing the team to "do whatever it takes to get some fighting spirit going here." The defense is definitely showing that stuff, while the offense is much more quiet right now. They simply don't seem to be "winning" enough plays to feel like they can be shouting and bouncing off each others' chests. I'm very interested to see if tomorrow morning's scrimmage will find that attitude altered. Know whut I mean, Vern? It'll be at 10 AM. on the Jones/Stone Practice fields, not inside Floyd Casey Stadium.

I tried to find out more on OG Randy Cornejo's status. He's not hurt and not one of the academic 'study hall guys'. The four OLs I talked to say he's still in school and 'might' be back on the team this fall. That's all I can learn right now. They aren't giving out team secrets, even to me, which I consider a "good thing." Head Trainer Mike Sims told our fellow INSIDER, Jim Riggs basically the same concerning Cornejo.

The punters, deep snappers and kickers were spotted standing around after their special teams workout period ended, so John Williams and his assistants made them run for a solid hour! Maybe longer! I TOLD YOU things are different! The "so-called" country club of Baylor Football has shut down. The team worked HARD and CONSTANTLY from 3 PM 'til 5:40. There were no water breaks. It was almost ninety degrees. It was like 'the old days' when sub-95 degree weather meant "just keep going." No player seemed worse for the wear. There were no leg cramps, vomit sessions or guys looking weary. The FIRST LAW of football is to be in great physical condition. The 2003 Baylor Bears will be that. There's no doubt about it.

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