Bears Go Through 60-Play Scrimmage

Chuck Allen continues to provide Baylor Insiders with the most "in-depth" coverage of this spring's workouts by the Baylor Bear football team found anywhere online. Today is no exception as Chuck brings you his views of some of today's action from what was reported to be a 60-play scrimmage. Today was also the first day the defense was given a green light on tackling, which made for an interesting morning. There's more, INSIDE.

To begin with, only 75 players suited up today, including only 8 offensive linemen. With Travis Farst out with a dislocated kneecap, senior Randy Cornejo sitting out the spring with a suspension for breaking team rules, and Jacob Pittman sitting out for academic reasons, the OL is a bit "short-manned" during this very quickly paced 60-play scrimmage. Hopefully, with the influx of new freshmen talent and getting these guys back, August will be a different story.

Underscoring this entire scrimmage was the fact that the defense was finally turned loose and encouraged to make the hits, wrap up the ball carriers, and put them down. In other words, they could tackle. The excitement showed throughout as the blows were delivered. Basically, the defense stuffed the offensive line, limiting gains. In the secondary, Anthony Arline (#41), Willie Andrews ((18), and Maurice Linquist (#15) all had interceptions. You may remember Linquist as a mid-termer who was a teammate of Jeremy Parker from that state-champion Mesquite team a couple of years ago. I believe he's on the starting defense right now.

From along the defensive line, several passes were swatted away. Montez Murphy (#95, who'll be wearing #90 in the fall) had two of those. The starting defensive tackles right now appear to be Lorenzo Davis (#53) and Michael Gary (#92). Gary seems to be the "nose tackle" when the defense goes to a three-man front. The defensive ends then are Khari Long (#91) and Joe Simmons (#94), but Montez Murphy (#95/90) and Dominic Cravens (#96) are pushing very hard.

Jamaal Harper (#47) is making his presence felt on a regular basise. Both he and Justin Crooks (#46) hustle and hit as well as can be asked for, IMO. Actually, all the linebackers looked pretty salty to me. I like that, of course. Both of the Sepulveda's (#42 Stephen and #37 Daniel) as well as Michael Tolbert (#58) wee all over the field today.

At quarterback, Aaron Karas appears to be far and away the best Baylor has right now. He got a few of his passes knocked down and tipped, like I said, but he also completed a sweet one down the left sideline to J Fields (#88), while Marques Roberts (#3) caught some tough ones in heavy traffic, then paid the price. However, to be honest, I really believe this team needs the services of speed merchant J. T. Thompson (#1) at wide-out. With Robert Quiroga (#82) also absent running track, the QB's are fighting with a shorter sticke than they should have in August. Also in August, hopefully, Iris Williams (#83), a tall and fast target, will be as welcome a sight when he returns.

6) Aaron Karas is far and away the best QB Baylor has. He got a few passes knocked down and tipped, as I said, but he also completed a sweet one down the left sideline to J Fields (#88) and Marques Roberts (#3) caught some tough ones in heavy traffic....then 'paid the price'. However, to be honest, I think this team needs the speed merchant J. T. Thompson (#1) at wide-out. With Robert Quiroga (#82) also not there the QBs are fighting with a shorter stick than they should have in August. Iris Williams (#83) is a tall and fast target they'll welcome just as much, I predict. I haven't noticed Vince Copeland (#6) all that much, and found he's been suspended. Trent Shelton (#9) made a good catch, I seem to recall, and our 250 lb fullback, Jonathan Evans (#45), was used on a flare pass or two. He is so much more "sleek" in his legs and tummy....I think he just may be headed for a decent Junior season.

The same might be said for Anthony Krieg (#30), IF the offensive line comes around. Being at 216 seems to fit Krieg better as he appears to have more deception in his moves than when he weighed in at 230, I believe. He also runs hard. Paul Mosley (#17) is solidly "in the mix" for TB duty, also. He is big AND fast. He runs to any hole at anytime. He could become a real threat, I think.

I didn't notice the coaches being as vocal as usual today. Perhaps they wanted to find out something about self motivation. In other words, maybe they turned off the vocalizing to see if the players could respond on their own. I'm sure the players heard a few "good words" before getting to the practice field. I left after the sixty plays were done. Coach Morriss was in the midst of all 75 players and speaking to them when I made my exit.

There must have been at least a hundred spectators this morning. Several high school coaches were present. I could tell they are impressed with the style of practicing the Bears are implementing now.

Before I forget, the primary DBs are Danielle McLean (#8), Derrick Cash (#33), Maurice Lane (#21), Matt Johnson (#23), Larry Bynum (#16), Maurice Linquist (#15), James Todd (#36), Ahmad Rhodes (#25), Anthony Arline (#41), Michael Boyd (#27) and Willie Andrews (#18).

Hope you enjoyed reading about today's practice as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.

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