Bears getting crisper in final week of spring

I can't remember ever seeing this in the '60s or last season, either. Baylor football practice was observed by the President of the University today. That's right, Dr. Sloan seemed to enjoy more than the absolutely perfect weather as he watched various drills and a short full-team scrimmage sessions. I felt like this was a true 'positive' for the program. Dr. Sloan has always been a football fan and maybe, like the rest of us, he's interested again.

The team got to the field 40 minutes later than usual. Evidently, studying films of last Saturday's scrimmaging and listening to their position coaches in detail, held them up for a time.

The punters looked good today. I witnessed some nice, high spirals turning over into the slight breeze. They were things of beauty to watch. Jeremy Parker (#19) seems to be getting his form back. Daniel Sepulveda (#37) hit some good 'uns, too. His mom rushed a new pair of contact lenses to him from their home in Highland Park (Dallas) so he could see better. She was a delight to chat with and says there are two more football playing Sepulvedas on the way! WOW!

Secondary coach McGriff was really working his safeties hard today. After he'd coach one firmly/sternly he'd make sure to praise the same player profusely as soon as the young man made a good play. All the coaches were 'vigorous' today and I thought performance was crisp. These guys always sprint or at least jog hard when going anywhere. There's no such thing as walking a step if you're wearing a BU football uniform.

QB Aaron Karas looked pretty darn good with his passing...IMO. Primary receivers were J Fields (#88) - who 'bunged up his shoulder a bit' somewhat late in the day - as well as Marques Roberts (#3), Anthony Kreig (#30)...out of the well as Jonathan Evans (#45), also out of the backfield. Davon Vinson (#7) was the only other QB to get snaps during full-team scrimmage....which once again was the type which limits the defense to 'stand 'em up' tackling, only.

The offense also worked on shifting into 'trip receiver' formations and ran several 'end around' plays, as well. The shifts are as rapid as I've ever seen a football team do them.

The OL went against the DL in their 'private wars' again. That stuff is EXCITING to watch! Montez Murphy (#90, #95 at practice) is always impressive during those drills.

Several coaches were again seen observing practice. Joe George (BU player from Carthage during the John Bridgers years and presently the OL coach for Mary Hardin Baylor University, former head coach at Texas City HS, Sul Ross University and McMurry College, and whom I was honored to be a fellow assistant with during our days at Waco Reicher HS in the '60s) was especially attentive as Coach Chris Lancaster showed him the various details of what the BU offensive linemen are doing in practice these days. Several coaches were also there and attentive to what our new staff is teaching. Isn't that a good sign? I think so.

All in all, it was a good day at practice, folks. A good day, indeed.

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