Spring Game, Pt. 2 - The Play-By-Play

Before a crowd bigger than any in recent memory, the Baylor Bears ended their spring camp with the annual Green and White game. There were several players being held out for academic concerns who did not play, but the game did give some glimpses of some of the things we might look forward to next fall. At the same time, it also showed some things this coaching staff will have to concern themselves with during the off-season.

Green Team QB Mark Murphy (#16) for #2 Offense vs. #1 Defense. Paul Mosley (#17) takes handoff and gets 2 yards up the middle. 2nd and 7. Murphy attempts pass to TE Billy Crawford (*40), hook-pass to right side, it's incomplete. 3rd and 7. Flare-pass to Mosley on right side is incomplete. PUNT – 43 yards by Adam Tomlinson (#31) is fair caught by Willie Andrews (#18).

The football is placed on the 30-yardline. White Team QB Aaron Karas (#2) of #1 Offense vs. #2 Defense. Hand-off to Jonathan Golden (#48), who gets 7 yards on a sweep to the right. A 5-yard facemask penalty moves the ball up to the 42. It's 1st and 10. Pass to the left flat is knocked down by Ahmad Rhodes (#25), the a second pass to the right flat is dropped by J Fields (#80) and falls incomplete. Facing 3rd and 10, Aaron Karas attempting to pass is hit, keeps his feet, ducks under a heavy rush and manages to toss an "escape pass" which is CAUGHT by Jonathan Golden on the left sideline and is good for 11-yards and a new set of downs. Interesting to note here that although the defenders are not supposed to clobber the Qb's, this was an all-out assault with contact. It's a first down, inside the 50 at the 47. Karas hits John Martin (#87) complete and a gain of 12 yards. That makes it 1st and 10 at the 35. J Fields catches a "middle-screen" or "fold-in pass to the WR" which is good for 5 yards. The OL action is different, but everything happens so fast it's hard to describe. On 2nd and 5, Anthony Krieg (#30) gets 6 on a run up the middle. The ball is on the 24-yardline, and it's 1st and 10. Krieg gets two more up the middle, 2nd and 8. Karas is sacked on the next play and loses 8 to make it 3rd and 16. Ball is at the 30. Karas hits John Martin COMPLETE down the middle of the field and he's down at the 11-yardline. The completion is good for 19 yards and a new set of downs. It's 1st and 10 at the 11. Karas throws into the endzone towards J Fields, but Ahmad Rhodes strips the ball, incomplete. Good coverage by Rhodes. On 2nd and 10, big Jonathan Evans (#45), behind solid blocking, gets 7 yards. That makes it 3rd and 3 from the 4. Karas hits John Martin, COMPLETE on a "flow left, roll right" jump-pass for the TOUCHDOWN. Shawn Bell (#11) would hold, Kenny Webb (#14) would kick. The snap was back, the ball down, and the kick was good as the White (Gold) Team went ahead of the Green Team, 7-0.

Shawn Bell now QB of #2 Offense vs. #1 Defense. The football is on the 30-yardline. Seldom seen, except in spring games, Staron Faucher gets 5 yards on a "never-give-up, bouncing off tacklers" run. Another 5 was tacked on by officials for a facemask. The ball is now at the 40, 1st and 10. Qb Bell is sacked for a 2-yard lost on what appears to have been a busted play. Facing 2nd and 12, Bell then throws complete to Trent Shelton (#6) down the left sideline, but it's ruled incomplete, as defender Matt Johnson (#23) hit the receiver at the sideline causing his out-of bounds- foot to land before his in-bounds foot. On the next play, Bell is again sacked and loses 6 yards. It appeared that the OL was completely over-matched by the DL. On 4th down, Bryan Bays (#14) punts away for 32 yards. END OF 1st Quarter. (clock was 'running'. This game would only last three such quarters.)

Football is on the 25-yardline. Davon Vinson (#7) QB now. [#2 O vs #1 D.] +5 on right-side, off-tackle run by Golden. -13 loss on a Willie Andrews sack. He rushed in very rapidly from behind Vinson and caught the QB as he was trying to roll out to his left. -5 on illegal procedure/formation penalty. -9 on sack. Ball now on the 1 yd line! 47 yd punt by Adam Tomlinson (#31) despite the fact he had to stand just inside endzone's back line. Normally a punter is 14 1/2 yards behind the deep snapper. Great punt! No, I didn't understand why Daniel Sepulveda (#37) didn't punt during the game. He was involved as a LB, of course.

Football on the 48-yardline. James Irwin (#13) now the QB. +3 by Paul Mosley up the middle. +3 by Paul Mosley again on same play. 3rd and 4. Loss of 6 on run by Austin McCann (#26) on great tackle for loss by Bryan Bays (#14). 34 yd punt by Jeremy Parker (#20). This was a 'pooch kick'.

Football is on th 13-yardline. Davon Vinson in at QB again. +1 on QB scramble (no receiver open). +2 on QB scramble (again, no receiver open). -6 on a sack of the QB by Khari Long (#91). 50 yd punt by Tomlinson.

Football is on the 40-yardline. Chris Neilson (#8) is now the QB of #1 O vs #2 D. +7 on run by Austin McCann. +1 on run up middle by Jonathan Sisk (#39 white team). -5 on illegal procedure on LT (#77...McDonald). -1 on run by Phil Tran (#22). 41-yard punt by Matt Tritsch (#36) which bounced most of those yards.

Football is on the 17-yardline. Davon Vinson QB...incomplete pass intended for Marques Roberts (#3). +3 run by Paul Mosley. Should have been +7 on pass completion to Marques Roberts. However, refs didn't blow the whistle. Defenders kept going for the ball as they pushed Roberts backward. Finally, the ball was fumbled, but recovered by the offense. Bad reffing job...IMO. Should have been a 1st down based on 'forward progress', but wound up only a one-yard gainer. 30-yard punt by Tomlinson (I think it was Tomlinson. Not totally certain. May have been Parker.)

Ball on -49 YL. Ryan Frazier (#12) now QB... -5 on sack by Montez Murphy (#95). [Crowd 'oood and ahhhd' on how impressively Murphy rushed on this play.] No gain on next play – did not see who the runner was. Incomplete pass as Frazier's arm was hit by a DL as he threw it. END of 2nd QTR.

Football is on the 30-yardline. Aaron Karas QB of #1 O vs #2 D... +9 on flare pass to right side to John Martin on a play out of a 'no running backs' formation. +5 on a 'recovery run' by Golden after he and Karas collide in the backfield. 1st down despite miss-hap. Ball on 44-yardline. +9 on pass to J Fields. +5 run by Paul Mosley (off tackle slant). Football is at the 42, and it is a first down. -7 on a great sack of Karas by Khari Long. (Obviously the #2 D is being supplied with some of the #1 D's players now.) -5 on illegal procedure penalty makes the situation a 1st and 22 yards to gain for a first down. Incomplete pass off Martin's fingertips. This down the middle attempt should have been caught and would have been a 1st down. Incomplete pass due to great coverage by OLB Tyler Lindstrom (#39 green team). This was an attempt to pass to a back 'sneaking out of the backfield', but Tyler stayed on the receiver really well.) 45 yd punt by Jeremy Parker.

Ball on -12 YL. Davon Vinson QB. Pass interference penalty called. I couldn't see who was guilty. Ball now on the 22-yardline. +2 run by Paul Mosley. No yards gained on a QB scramble, as there were no receivers open. -5 on illegal procedure by OL. +43 pass to Baylor Barbee (#84) who got behind CB on left side of offense (defensive right side). Ball was thrown beautifully by Vinson! 1st Down. Ball is on the 45-yardline. +15 on keeper by Davon Vinson. This was probably just a scramble because he couldn't find an open receiver, but I'm not certain it wasn't just a planned QB run. 1st down. Ball is now on the 30-yardline. +3 run by Austin McCann. -3 on a fantastic 'kept chasing the play all the way across the field and caught QB from behind' sack by Lorenzo Davis (#53). Great hustle by the 315 lb DT. And remember...this happens late in the game! +8 on pass interference penalty called on Matt Johnson. 1st down. Ball on 19 YL. +5 on facemask penalty. Not sure who committed the foul. Incomplete pass was intended for Trent Shelton. Matt Johnson did a nice job of staying tight on him and his aggressiveness denied the receiver much chance to catch the 'fade route' into the left corner of the endzone. +8 on 'fold-in' pass to J Fields. This was run from the right side of the offense. As the WR catches the ball he is running toward the RT's position and the RG and RT are 'peeling out' to block downfield. This is a scary looking scene for the OLB and CB on that side, I imagine! +3 on QB scramble up the middle. No receivers open, I think. Perhaps it was a QB run play all the way. 1st down. Now the football is on the 2-yardline, and it's 1st and goal to go. There are only seconds to play in the game. The defense is in a 5-6 formation. Vinson takes the snap, he rolls to his left, he throws . . . INCOMPLETE in the endzone as no one could get to the football. The game ended on this play.

FINAL SCORE = Gold 7 Green 0

In my opinion the defense 'won' over the offense due to the OL not being able to control the DL. Don't forget that at least 9 players who may be starters or at least significant contributors were not suited up for this very limited 'game'. The overall hustle by the defense impressed me, and I loved the way the CBs played much closer to the line of scrimmage and were 'on' the WRs right away. I liked the way the running backs performed, as well. I would have enjoyed seeing Kreig get to do more things because he seems much quicker this season. Jonathan Evans (he weighs 250ish and is running better than ever) running after catching a flare pass is also a play which has looked good in practice but wasn't used today. Karas is obviously in better command of the 'O' than the other QB's, although Vinson is still a solid contender, I'm sure. Aaron is lively on his feet and able to see the entire field quite well. When he changes to an alternate receiver during a play he changes his feet positioning better than any BU quarterback since Tom Muecke (1982-85), I think. I really like that! None of the other QB's gained ground today, I don't believe. I'm sure the experience will help them, but I think that Karas and Vinson will get at least 90% of the 'meaningful snaps' next August. Of course, Terrence Parks of Lufkin High is one of BU's major recruits and he did a fabulous job of replacing McNeal for that 'defending state AAAAA champs' team last season. Parks is 6'2", 220ish and a very fast runner. He's a fine passer, too. Not only is he a fine QB prospect, he can play TE, RB or OLB they say. Even other spots. Great athlete. We'll see!

Hope this report helped those of you who couldn't be there to enjoy the Baylor Spring Football Game.

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