Baylor Football Back On the Practice Fields

After a week off for Spring Break, the Baylor Bears hit the practice fields hard in preparation for the upcoming season. Come inside to find out our take on how Baylor is looking this spring only inside at

Notes on Baylor's Tuesday practice:

First off, Phil Bennett is really making his presence known. He was all over the place today. With that said, the corner backs were having a tougher time than I expected out there today. Chance Casey and Tyler Stephenson made some good plays, but at times it appeared they were getting out-muscled by larger and stronger receivers. In one on one drills, they got owned by Sampson and Gordon.

While corner back still appears to be a position to watch, Ahmad Dixon at safety was really making plays. He broke up passes on plays where he looked beat, and used closing speed and timing to simply make plays. Hands down the best one in the secondary.

Baylor receivers are perhaps, overall, the strongest unit (position-wise) on the team. Lanear Sampson continues to lead by example, but he is also so consistent in his route-running, catching, and blocking. Griffin went to him a lot and his routes looked crisp and he looks faster than I remember.

They "went live" twice. The first time, it was a battle. Bennett was blitzing a lot and griffin picked it up well. The D really buckled down in the red zone, which was encouraging.

About 1/3 or so of the time Bennett had the corners playing about 8 yards off the ball, just like Baylor fans might have seen last season. Each time he did, Griffin hit Sampson or Wright or Reese on an out route and picked up 6 yards. Easy check down on that type of defense.

They took a break and then "went live" again. The second time, the O moved the ball seemingly at will at times. The D looked tired by the end of that session, and the offense certainly got the better of the defense. Griffin had plenty of time and kept letting his receivers use their speed to get open.

As far as individual performances go, Griffin was near perfect. I can think of 2 passes that sailed on him (wind and all). During the second "live" session he hit Reese right on the sideline on a 12 yard out that was a thing of beauty.

I didn't see Wright drop a pass all day. Griffin didn't go to him a ton, but when he did Kendall made it count. Wright runs the slant as well as anybody and each time he tore the D up.

Jerrod Monk catches everything too. Baylor needs to utilize him more this season.

I don't think the D forced a turnover the whole time, which isn't a good sign.

Gannaway and Salubi split most of the reps at RB, but during the individual drills they were pushing Martin more than anyone.

Petty and Florence both split reps for 2nd team qb. I thought Petty looked better, he had more zip on his passes.

I also noticed that the other Robert Griffin played guard instead of tackle.

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