RG3's Pro Day: One on One With Ron Jaworski

BearsIllustrated.com caught up with NFL analyst and former NFL MVP quarterback Ron Jaworski to get a few thoughts on Robert Griffin III. See what Jaworski had to say before and after RG3's performance.

Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski knows some things about what it takes to play with the best. Jaworski played 17 seasons in the NFL and was named the NFL MVP in 1980 after leading the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Jaworski was kind enough to take a few moments of his time to give us his thoughts on Robert Griffin III, what he wanted to see from RG3 at Pro Day, and what he thought of RG3's performance after the throwing drills were completed.

"The one thing that sticks out is the quick twitch of RG3. When you watch RG3 he can dart from the pocket, he has good foot speed, he has good quickness, and he is mechanically very sound. There is not a flaw in his game," said Jaworksi of the Baylor quarterback.

Before the Heisman Trophy winner took center stage in front of over 200 media members, NFL personnel, and others, Jaworski explained that he was looking for a few things out of RG3's performance.

"Today, I'm looking for NFL-type throws. It is very hard as you study the game tape, you don't see a lot of NFL throws. Not only from RG3, but from a lot of quarterbacks that are coming into the NFL," Jaworski says.

"I am talking about the deep sideline comeback, the skinny post, the deep dig routes from twenty to twenty-two yards, the finesse type throw over a linebacker under a safety. I know Terry has 53 scripted plays, and he is going to run through them. And they are going to be NFL type throws. I am very excited to watch him[Griffin III] make those throws," says Jaworski.

"I have broken the film down, I love what he has done at Baylor, the next step is can he make those kinds of throws. I don't think there is any doubt that he will."

After a dazzling performance by Robert Griffin III, Jaworski simply had a few words for me on RG3's performance.

"He was phenomenal. Phenomenal."

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