Film Study: Nick Florence Part II

A closer look at the progression of Baylor senior quarterback Nick Florence from high school.

2009 (Using the Baylor vs Missouri Game Film)

Name: Nick Florence Position: Quarterback (Freshman)

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 185 lbs.

High School: South Garland High School (Garland, Texas)

2009 – Nick Florence started in 7 games and played in 9 games as a true freshman. He was 165 for 266 netting 1,786 yards with 9 interceptions and 6 TD's. Not bad for starting as a true freshman.

Florence is a serviceable quarterback. His short to intermediate passes show good zip and are on target. Occasionally his passes dive and get to the receiver a little low. He gets the balls through defenders on drags and short inside routes. He doesn't utilize his lower body in his throwing motion as much as he could, but his overall motion has improved a bit since high school. His accuracy is great. Throwing the long ball it looks like he has a bit more touch on the ball and times it well enough to get the ball over the shoulder of his receivers on outside vertical routes. When he has to get the ball deep down field over the middle on routes like deep slants or inside posts, he doesn't show the greatest of arm strength. Those passes need to be bullets otherwise defenders could jump the route with enough time and anticipation.

Florence has a decent presence in the backfield. Nick shows a good sense of calm for a freshman on this level. When doing a pump fake or hand off fake, he really isn't selling much. He could keep the ball down on the run fake just a bit longer, and get it against the running back to really sell the run. At times, it looks like the ball is almost too big for his hands to do a pump fake. He is protecting the ball, but when you do it completely with 2 hands nobody is biting. His foot work is decent, but at times you would like to see him be a little more active with them. That first step on a QB scramble is quick. He is very athletic and with the additional weight is proving to be a little bit of a ground threat too.

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