Film Study: Nick Florence Part III

A closer look at the progression of Baylor senior quarterback Nick Florence from high school.

2011 (Using the Baylor vs Texas Tech Game Film)

Name: Nick Florence Position: Quarterback (Freshman)

Height: 6'1''

Weight:205 lbs.

High School: South Garland High School (Garland, Texas)

2011 – Nick Florence played in one game in 2011. He was 9 for 12 and 151 yards against Texas Tech. He had 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. That's good, especially coming in as the backup quarterback. I don't have a ton of film to look over here but there are some basics that are apparent.

After a couple of years in a proven strength and conditioning program, Florence looks physically mature. At 205 lbs, he looks solid; his movements are more fluid than they were just a couple of years ago. There is an obvious rapport between him and his offensive line. Though he wasn't a starter, the overall feel of the team on the field looked just as if he was. It is obvious he is familiar with his progressions and moves through them well. There is the slightest bit of a wind up on deeper passes, but he has a quick smooth release to crossing routes, drags, digs, and short out routes. Hand offs are smooth and there is good footwork in and out of the pocket. On the move, he can get the ball to a tailing receiver, and isn't afraid to throw across his body.

There is a noticeable difference in arm strength. The short to intermediate passes that he throws get to their destination with purpose and his long ball seems to have improved some. He still looks like he is using everything he's got on the longer passes. I would again say he is a very serviceable quarterback. He doesn't have a giant cannon for an arm, but gets more than the job done. This is a quarterback that can lead well and do just about everything you need him to do. Florence can read a defense, audible appropriately, scoot with his feet when he needs to, and spread the ball around.

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