Film Study: Terrence Singleton

A film study of incoming freshman athlete Terrence Singleton. Singleton is part of Baylor's 2012 signing class.

Who We Are Going To See First

Looking at the Baylor 2012 Football Recruiting Class

Name: Terrence Singleton Position: Athlete

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 175 lbs.

High School: Memorial High School (Port Arthur, Texas)

Athlete is probable the best word you could use when you are talking about Terrence Singleton. Playing quarterback in High School, Terrence was a true dual threat. He has good arm strength, can place a deep corner ball, and anticipate developing routes well. When Singleton tucks the ball and runs however, he is a completely different animal. That is where his athleticism comes out.

Standing at 5'10", Singleton lacks the overall size that most Division 1 programs are looking for in a quarterback. That is not to say that a shorter player couldn't play quarterback, it just presents an additional set of challenges; like being able to see over your offensive linemen for instance. In the passing game, Terrence needs a bit of work on his mechanics. The arm strength is there and the touch is there, but he could get better delivery with better mechanics & footwork. His footwork wasn't bad, but could use some polish. That only really matters if he gets his shot at quarterback.

As stated above, when Singleton is on the move he is fast, fluid, and has good vision. There is good balance and body control when moving laterally. He can cut well and his initial burst is very quick. Once he gets going, his speed is very smooth and it comes on strong. At times though it looks like he may hit his top speed fairly quickly and at the college level, offensive weapons need to have that second gear once they hit the second level. Terrence has good vision, seeing the whole field in front of him allows him to adjust accordingly. This is useful on both sides of the ball. He looks to have good core strength which aids when he cuts, or needs that quick change of direction. With added core and lower body strength, his cuts & redirection could get even sharper. There definitely is room for added bulk. I would like to see him at around 185 – 190lbs.

More than likely, Singleton looks like a cornerback or safety candidate first. With his speed and change of direction, he could transition to corner fairly smoothly. With some added weight I could also see him as a safety. His initial burst would be a plus when breaking on the ball & his experience as a quarterback would also be a useful tool in the defensive backfield. Singleton seems athletic enough to learn and make the switch to defense. He could get a shot at quarterback or maybe even wide receiver, however, Singleton's overall toolset may be better suited in the defensive backfield.

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