Film Study: Trevon Armstead

A closer look at the film of Baylor signee offensive lineman Trevon Armstead.

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Name: Trevon Armstead Position: Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'6''

Weight: 280 lbs.

High School: Memorial High School (Port Arthur, Texas)

Trevon Armstead is a tall athletic offensive lineman. At 6'6" tall, weighing in at 280 lbs, he has a long frame that should be able to support a fair bit of additional good weight. He has long arms which are a big plus in pass protection and a lower body that could use a bit more mass. Overall he shows to have the size and athletic ability to play tackle, but could play almost anywhere on the offensive line. Armstead has decent speed for a guy his size and his feet are pretty quick. His size and athleticism are big pluses going into the next level, but some strength and hard work on technique are needed.

In the running game, Armstead can be versatile. He is athletic enough to pull and engage a player on the move, however, when pulling or just firing of the line; he plays too high and leans into his defender. With his pad level too high, a defender can get leverage, and use Armstead's body lean against him, pulling him forward and off a block. As well as loss of leverage with a high pad level, when pulling you could also get stonewalled. What I mean here is, the man you are going to block gets below your pad level, maybe even into your hips and shuts you down clogging the whole. This forces the back to bounce outside and into waiting containment defenders. In high school, Armstead has been able to use his size to win these battles. Some of the playing high issue looks to be stiff hips. He needs to learn to not only play with his shoulders lower, but with much more bend in his hips. This can be coached and is also helped through stretching and strength training. Trevon does do a good job of latching on and not quitting on blocks.

As mentioned above, the long arms that Armstead posses are a blessing in pass protection. When the ball is snapped, an O-lineman quickly jams their first step or steps, and should have their arms cocked back and against their body. As the defender comes into the O-lineman's range he Punches, locking out his arms keeping the defender at a distance and unable to disengage. This is much harder than it sounds, but having longer arms keeps the defender further off your body. Armstead does a decent job of this, but again his lack of flexibility in his hips keeps him from dropping his rear end and maintaining his leverage. He punches well, locks out, but can be too high and off balance. This could also be helped by widening his base. Keeping his feet further apart & dropping his rear end would greatly improve his ability to maintain control of the defender. One very nice thing that is noticeable in pass-pro is his awareness of the play, quarterback, and his responsibilities. If seemingly unmatched, he looks to find someone to block and keeps himself between the defense and the quarterback.

Without a doubt, Trevon Armstead has the physical tools to develop into a very potent offensive lineman. In order to reach his full potential he will need to hit the weight room, work on his flexibility, and work with his coaches on technique. With a couple of years of this, with his athleticism, he will certainly be pushing for time at perhaps a tackle spot.

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