Film Study: Jamal Palmer

A closer look at the film of Baylor signee Jamal Palmer.

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Name: Jamal Palmer Position: Defensive End

Height: 6'3''

Weight: 230 lbs.

High School: McKinney Boyd High School (McKinney, Texas)

At 6'3" tall, weighing in at 230 lbs, Jamal Palmer is a decent sized Defensive End. He has an athletic frame, possesses good overall strength and good speed off the edge. His build suggests that he probably could put on some more weight at the next level. He plays aggressive, tough, has good basic skills, and is a solid general purpose Defensive End with good instincts

Palmer uses the tools in his arsenal pretty well, utilizing his quickness off the ball to get the first step on offensive linemen. In pursuit, he exhibits good speed and decent body control. Jamal falls on the Defensive end side of a possible Defensive End/Linebacker tweener. He flashes good change of direction and has a nose for the ball. At first contact, he does a good job of using his hands to get inside of the Offensive Lineman's arms, lock in, and take control. Once he has separation he is looking for the ball, and sheds his blocker well. This exemplifies that he has good upper body strength. He also has the lower body strength to be a bull rusher. Palmer is not afraid of contact, and when he commits to a hit he goes all out. His aggressive style is a big plus going into the next level, but it is not just wild. He is aggressive yet hunting for that ball.

Jamal needs a little work on some technique issues. He plays with his pad level to high at times. This will give an Offensive Lineman the advantage and make it easier to keep Palmer off balance and blocked. If he can learn to keep his pad level down he will have better leverage. His raw strength allows him to work across the face of blockers and disengage them fairly easily. As I said above, he uses his hands well, but could benefit from learning a few more moves with his hands to add to his Bull Rushing ability. One of the best instincts he has for a Defensive End is "Staying At Home." When he stands a blocker up he is not immediately running into the backfield; he lowers his hips, keeps control and reads the play. This is especially important on the outside where Defensive Ends are responsible for outside containment. He take his blockers on, and many times just shuts them down closing the intended whole for the running back, and keeps his outside shoulder free in case the Running Back bounces outside. When he does bounce, Palmer exhibits closing speed to keep the play from getting outside of his position.

Palmer is a no-frills, hardnosed Defensive End prospect. He has the strength and instincts to be a very effective defender. Put on a little technique polish, and give him some more tools to work with and he could be that strong, dependable Defensive End that every Defensive line needs.

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