Film Study: Patrick Levels

A closer look at the film of Baylor signee Patrick Levels

Looking at the Baylor 2012 Football Recruiting Class

Name: Patrick Levels Position: Cornerback

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 175 lbs.

High School: Dallas Roosevelt High School (Dallas, Texas)

Flying somewhat under the radar to many college recruiters in his senior season was Patrick Levels; though he didn't exactly have a quiet one. 5'10" 175 lbs Levels played both ways but evidently did well on defense earning the Texas Associated Press Sports Editors, Texas 3A Defensive player of the year. He is very athletic and possesses good speed and a nose for the ball.

Right off the bat, the things you notice about Patrick Levels are his speed, very quick change of direction body control, and just overall athleticism. On the high school level, he could basically do it all. His quick feet and sudden change of direction is exhibited in his kick returns. This translates to being able to change direction with a receiver and not losing a step. A pivotal skill a cornerback needs to have. In zone coverage, Levels shows that he can jump a route and anticipate the quarterbacks throw. He is fast enough to break on the ball in a zone, but did not seem to play a lot of man coverage. This is a different skill, but Levels looks to have the tools to be able to do it. He possesses the core strength to rotate his torso mid stride to keep an eye on the quarterback, but needs to do so more often. If he can keep an eye on the QB, and not lose his receiver his time on the offensive side of the ball could be helpful.

Patrick does a decent job of crashing in on run support, but on the college level will have to work on his tackling technique. At times he tends to shoot for the feet as a lot of Defensive backs do. Coming in from the corner on the next level, you have to square up, and wrap up more often than not. Breaking from the defensive back field once a run has been recognized takes good footspeed, core strength and quick change of direction. Levels shows flashes of all of these. Off the edge, his speed could make him a weapon on the corner blitz, and should he get an interception he certainly knows what to do with the ball in his hands.

Patrick Levels has pure athletic abilities that can translate to the corner position well. After having played all over the field in High School, he will definitely need to sharpen and hone his cornerback skills. Physically he looks to be able to do everything he will need to in order to be an effective corner. Levels has some really good upside.

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