Film Study: Shamycheal Chatman

A closer look at the film of Baylor signee Shamycheal Chatman.

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Name: Shamycheal Chatman Position: Outside Linebacker

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 215 lbs.

High School: Sealy High School (Sealy, Texas)

Shamycheal Chatman is an athletic, sideline to sideline type linebacker with good instincts. At 6'2" and weighing at 215 lbs, (though at times he has been reported as weighing around 230 lbs) he has the frame to put on 15 – 20 pounds of muscle and maintain his athleticism. Added weight could put him in a tweener spot playing either outside linebacker or as a fast defensive end.

There is not a lot of tape out there of Chatman in pass coverage, however, given his speed and athleticism I would find it hard to believe that he would have trouble picking up a tight end or dropping back into zone coverage. He certainly has show a quick enough first step to mirror and stay on top of a crossing receiver, and with his long arms could easily get a hand inside to break-up a pass. On screen plays, which are technically an extension of the running game, he is quick to react, scrape down the line of scrimmage taking away the outside lane, and shows good vision by picking his lane to turn up field and engage the ball carrier.

When it comes to stopping the run, Chatman looks very natural and at home. Shamycheal is quick to recognize & diagnose run plays. He has a very quick first step out of his linebacker stance, and is fast to acquire his pursuit angle or to blast downhill hard. He does a very good job of keeping his shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage when pursuing the play. That is linebacker 101, and a must have skill for a quality linebacker. Chatman looks to have decent upper body strength when shedding a block. His speed allows him to get in front of blocks, or chip them off with a shoulder and a wing. On the Division 1 level however, he needs to be sure he has his technique down because the offensive linemen will be quicker and bigger than before. Development of upper body strength and good use of the hands is imperative to a linebackers ability to shed blocks and get to the ball. When a run stretches to the outside, Chatman takes good pursuit angles and seemingly doesn't get beat to the edge often. If the play comes up the middle, he has no problems bursting into the gap and making contact. Shamycheal is not afraid to hit. When he engages, he uses decent form most of the time keeping his shoulders square, dropping his hips, rolling them into the contact and wrapping up firmly with his arms.

Overall, Shamycheal Chatman has the potential to be a quality outside linebacker. Not only is he athletic & easily fast enough for the position, he does a good job of not committing too quickly. He reads and recognizes plays fast, and can physically transition accordingly. Though he seemingly went un-noticed through his senior year, Chatman shows some really good instincts and upside. With some time in a quality strength training program he could end up eating a lot of time up at the outside linebacker spot.

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