Reports saying Baylor athlete victim of homicide

Baylor basketball player, Patrick Dennehy was apparently shot in the head with a 9mm pistol by teammate and former roommate, Carlton Dotson, or so an informant has informed Delaware authorities. The informant, evidently providing information revealed to him, says Dotson told a cousin that the two were out shooting guns somewhere in the Waco area when they got into an argument.

The information went on to say that Dennehy first pointed a gun at Dotson as if to shoot him, but that Dotson shot first, striking Dennehy in the head. Apparently, Dotson dumped the firearms along the road somewhere on his way home to Hurlock, Maryland, according to the informant. All of this information was according to court documents released earlier today.

Carlton Dotson had only been granted a one year scholarship and played for the Bears this past season, meanwhile Dennehy was sitting out the year to regain his eligibility after transferring from New Mexico.

Dennehy was reported missing on June 19, eight days after he had last been seen or heard from. On June 11, Dennehy had not only been seen in class, but he talked to his girlfriend on the telephone later in the day. Then at the end of last week, Dennehy's sport utility vehicle was found in Virginia Beach, Virginia, sans license plates.

Waco Police Chief Alberty Melis said that no body has been found and that no arrests have been made. Chief Melis also said that the police began treating the disappearance like a homicide when the department received a call from an outside source saying that a homicide had occurred in the Waco vicinity and that the victim could be associated with a local university. Chief Melis did not mention or elaborate on any specific evidence.

Message boards and chat rooms across the country are rampant with rumors, innuendo, and speculation of everything from motives to "the why" and "the how." There's also concern about just what effects all of this might have on Baylor University, mainly on reputation and in recruiting.

No matter what comes to light, no "powder residue" is going to be found on the hands of Baylor University. At this time fans, spectators, and concerned individuals should turn their thoughts and prayers towards the relatives of the apparent victim, the family of the apparent accused, the representatives from Baylor who have to handle that part of it, and those police officers, investigators, and criminologists involved in the investigation and pursuit of answers and justice. Amen.

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