Film Study: Lynx Hawthorne

A closer look at the film of Baylor signee wide receiver Lynx Hawthorne.

Looking at the Baylor 2012 Football Recruiting Class

Name: Lynx Hawthorne Position: Athlete

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 185 lbs.

High School: Refugio High School ( Refugio , Texas )

Keys as an Athlete: Speed, Vision, Foot Speed, Hands, Core Strength, Change of Direction, Instinct

Playing his entire Junior year at Quarterback, then switching to Wide Receiver for his Season, Lynx Hawthorne has proven on the field that he is a versatile playmaker. The 6'1'' 185 lbs Athlete helped his High School team claim a State Championship win with his fluidity, vision, and flat out speed. Hawthorne , as an athlete, could play in a number of spots on the field. He could possibly be given a chance at Quarterback or Safety, but more than likely as a Wide Receiver.

As a Quarterback in his Junior Season, Hawthorne showed that he has the ability to see the field, throw well, and be creative under pressure. He would be a decent sized Quarterback with some speed, but could use some work in his passing game. As a passer, Lynx can place the ball deep, through traffic on crossing routes, and sharply on short routes. He has a quick release with O.K. mechanics, and shows he has the arm strength to get the ball downfield without a problem and throw across his body. In the pocket he exhibits great vision of the entire field. He maintains composure, and when the pocket breaks down he can utilize his great foot speed to escape and throws well on the run. Lynx reads defenses well. When running option plays and zone reads, he seems to make good decisions on when to give the ball and when to keep the ball. It is when he decides to keep the ball, however, that his real athleticism shines. He is much more dangerous with the ball in his hands going up field than he is as a Quarterback.

Hawthorne has great speed both in his initial burst and on the top end that he proved in track and on the football field. He has also exhibited great on field vision. Great vision is essential for Running Backs and Wide Receivers in order to find the seams and cutbacks through ever pursuing defenses. Lynx does a great job of recognizing when to turn up field, and does so very quickly. Once he hits the seam his speed comes on smoothly and he can recognize his cutbacks and change direction very well. When he feels he is safe at the end of a play, he tends to pull up a little bit. That could get him caught from behind on the next level. Pushing hard through the end of each and every catch and carry would serve him well. When challenged in the open field, Hawthorne has shown he can be elusive, changing directions quickly but maintaining body control. He is also able to continue his acceleration after a change of direction. With the ball in his hand in the open field he exhibits good awareness but could protect the ball a little better. He has the speed to come off the line of scrimmage and cross over the middle sharply and isn't afraid to take a hit.

Lynx has the frame to thicken up a bit yet still maintain his speed and agility. With only one season at Wide Receiver under his belt, he will have to work hard on his route running, timing, and using his hands right off the line to separate from defenders that will be pressing him. Having spent time as a Quarterback, he will have knowledge that will help him with his route running and being able to adjust to what the quarterback is doing. Hawthorne has the speed, agility, and vision to possibly be a dangerous weapon in a spread offense where he can be given the ball in space. He is certainly athletic enough to translate his skill to wherever his team needs him.

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