Film Study-Devin Chafin

Film Study- A closer look at the film of Baylor signee Devin Chafin

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Name: Devin Chafin Position: Running Back
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 210 lbs.
High School: Burkburnett High School (Burkburnett, Texas)

Maybe one of the biggest under the radar running backs out there is Devin Chafin. He is a little raw, but very athletic prospect with big upside. Devin has a great blend of size, speed, strength, hand-eye coordination and balance. Getting sixth place in the Texas 3A track meet isn't bad for anybody, let alone if you are 6'0" 210 lbs and it was in the 100 meter race with a time of 10.82. With this speed comes a frame that could easily bulk up to 220lbs. Combine that with his patience in letting blocks develop, great burst, and balance; he could turn into a hard target to bring down and an asset in the backfield.
Chafin isn't going to be a little shifty back in the backfield. Though he has decent lateral movement, he is most dangerous when he goes North/South on the field. There is a good initial burst, and great downfield speed. His burst at the line of scrimmage is surprising at times. If Chafin is let loose up the middle with a clear seam, he could catch a defense off guard and split them down the middle for a long gain. When trying to get to the corner of a play, he can slow up a bit until he turns up field and gets vertical. He has great patience in the backfield. Chafin lets the plays and blocks develop in front of him before he picks his lane and takes off. There is no shying away from contact with this fella either. He is going to try and break a tackle before he tries to dance around it. Those legs keep pumping into contact, keeps his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage and this will get you extra yards almost every time. The constant pumping legs also makes it that much more difficult to tackle him. He has great balance. He is able to keep his feet and bounce off of defenders when they don't wrap up. With his size and added weight, he could be a strong, durable, every down back.
Devin shows good hands catching passes. He doesn't shy away from crossing the middle of the defense, and goes up to get the ball at the highest point of attack. After the catch, he is fast enough to separate and pull away for big plays. He does need to carry the ball tighter in to his body at times. Most of the time he is carrying the ball in the appropriate hand away from a defender, but when he carries it out away from his body, it makes it easy for a defender to get a hand in there and knock that ball free. Devin has great feet and body awareness when he is in traffic. It's not often you are going to see him get tripped up. In space, he can be a bit stiff. In his lateral movement he is not very fluid and needs to work on his ability to make people miss.
Devin Chafin may not be the most polished or ready to play right now Running Back, but he is a prospect with tremendous upside. His combination of size and speed could prove to make him a dangerous every down back or a great compliment to a smaller shifty back giving an offense that 1-2 punch. More than likely Chafin will need a year to learn a few things. There is improvement needed in his ball protection, fluidity, flexability, and cutbacks but if he works hard in practice and in the weight room, he could put on 10-15 pounds and be competing for that starting back position. Just a little bit of polish here and there and he will be ready to go. This is a running back to keep an eye on.

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