A Closer Look at Baylor Signee Shock Linwood

A closer look at Baylor signee Rashodrick "Shock" Linwood.

Looking at the Baylor 2012 Football Recruiting Class
Name: Rashodrick Linwood Position: Safety
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
High School: Linden-Kildare High School (Linden, Texas)

Rashodrick "Shock" Linwood, is a safety prospect that brings speed and instincts onto the field. He has a solid 5' 10" 175 lbs. frame that sits in a low center of gravity, and allows him to be shifty while maintaining body control. Though not exactly as tall as many would like in a safety, Linwood's athletic ability, nose for the ball, and great speed could easily make up for that.
Linwood played both Running Back & Safety during his Senior Season. He projects to be a safety in College, but physically you can see why he played both in High School. At running back his low center of gravity, strength and speed made him difficult to tackle or knock off balance. His core strength and quick feet allow him to be very quick laterally while his vision allows him to see the field and find seams or cutbacks. He protects the ball decently & can be a decent return man. His speed is great, but lacks that second gear that would make him a homerun threat as a Running Back. He seems to top out and on the next level could get sucked up quickly by defenders. On the other hand, he has a great initial burst, can fly down-hill and still change direction quickly. This, however, is a better asset as a Safety.
Rashodrick shows defensive instinct and a nose for the ball. Now in High School, he did not run a lot of man coverage, but physically should be able to do if called upon. He is very athletic and if played as a Safety over top could be a ball hawk. His ability to burst downhill and change direction could make him ideal in run support. Linwood takes clean pursuit angles, and is seemingly always around the ball. As a college safety, he will be called upon to cover more and needs to work on his coverage skills. Linwood has good instinctive timing when it comes to going up for a ball at the highest point, also when to put a hand up and on the ball. There is good play awareness when he is at safety & he keeps an eye out opportunistically for where the ball is at all times. He also needs to work on his tackling form. Rashodrick isn't afraid to lower his shoulder, but he needs to wrap up better and stick with a point of attack. At times he can come in high and others he's going for the ankles.
Overall, "Shock" seems to have been a slightly overlooked athlete in his recruitment. Though he is not as tall as most, he is a very athletic Safety prospect. In a top strength and conditioning program, he could become an exceptional athlete. Given some time with proper coaching and he could be a good versatile defender, possibly a kick returner as well.

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