Top Recruiting Wins in the Briles Era Pt 4

With all 10 names revealed and reviewed, let's see where they rank in terms of the best recruiting wins during the Briles era.

A recruiting win can be an even that changes a program, or just make a pretty happy day in February with very little payoff over the following 4-5 years. Some of the 10 on this list have had both of those types of impacts, at least so far. So what player was the best recruiting win in the Briles era?

See below for the top 10, where they were ranked, who the Bears beat out for their services, and a quote from the recruit about why they chose Baylor.

10. Jonathan Lee: 2011 4-star Wide Receiver, Ranked 42nd in the Country, Beat our Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Purdue and Texas Tech

The Bears won this commitment from the U.S. Army All-American due to their offensive system, coaching style and proximity to home. "I just feel closer to them right now. They're always interested to get to know me and I feel like they really care about me and ask about my family too. I feel very comfortable with them."

9. Robert Griffin III: 2008 4-star Quarterback, Ranked 12th in the Country, Beat out Houston, Stanford, Tennessee, LSU and Texas

The Bears secured his commitment when they hired Art Briles and he brought him along from Houston. However, offering at quarterback didn't hurt. "A lot of it will depend on which position they're recruiting me at. I'm not going to turn down any offers (out of hand), but I'm looking for offers as a quarterback."

8. Ivory Wade: 2009 3-star Guard, Ranked 14th in the Country, Beat out Texas A&M, Missouri and SMU

The one-time early A&M commitment decided to join his friends in Waco. "His mom said he thought he had committed too early, they wanted to wait to decide, and they decided today to go ahead and make a decision before we get started with the season", said Warren Trahan, the father of Brody and Baylor coach Beau Trahan.

7. Brian Nance: 2012 3-star Outside Line Backer, Ranked 31st in the Country, Beat out Arkansas, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and USC

The Bears stayed on the injured star, and their loyalty was rewarded. "People are always like, 'Why aren't you going to Alabama? You're taking visits to Baylor?… It's about the way they treat me, if they make me feel at home."

6. Kendall Wright: 2008 3-star Wide Receiver, Ranked 67th in the Country, Beat out Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma State

Baylor got the do-it-all athlete mainly because they offered him at wide receiver and stuck with it. He joined the class late, but his impact was huge. "I do not want to play defensive back at all."

5. Darius Jones: 2009 4-star Wide Receiver, Ranked 30th in the Country, Beat out Oklahoma, LSU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech

Another late switch from Oklahoma, the Bears again offered on the offensive side of the ball to secure this athlete's commitment. "I guess I feel more at home playing for the Bears. I have friends down there, and the coaches made me feel welcomed. They are really nice, and I know they will take care of me."

4. Spencer Drango: 2011 4-star Tackle, 20th Ranked in the Country, Beat out Texas, Stanford, Texas Tech, UCLA, Vanderbilt and Missouri

Baylor withstood a late offer from Texas and secured the future Left Tackle. "It just felt right. It's where I wanted I to go. I prayed about it, and it is where God wanted me to go."

3. Corey Coleman: 2012 4-star Wide Receiver, Ranked 23rd in the Country, Beat out Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, California and West Virginia

Baylor got this commitment early and hung on for dear life as OU made a late push. "I like the coaches a lot and they said I'd be able to play early. They told me I'd have a chance to start and said they'd get me the ball a lot."

2. Ahmad Dixon: 2010 4-star Safety, Ranked 10th in the Country, Beat out Southern California, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Texas A&M and Auburn

Dixon's recruitment was filled with twists and turns. In the end though, he signed with his hometown school. Baylor was the last of 3 schools he was rumored to have committed to. "Baylor is fixing to start something great. I want to be a part of what they are about to start. It is a great place, and it is close to home. It is just a place where I would like to play ball at."

1. Javonte Magee: 2012 4-star Defensive End, 11th Ranked in the Country, Beat out Texas A&M, Texas, Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon and Oklahoma State

Despite the gaudy offer list, Magee stuck with the coaching staff he had the best relationship with, and chose the Bears late. "It just felt like home when I went up there and everybody showed me love. I already felt like I was on the team."

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