Overreaction Central - Baylor Vs. Texas

The Bears lose their third game in a row. Are they ever going to win again? Is the defense ever going to force a redzone field goal? Lots of overreaction going on inside BearsIllustrated.com

Three Big 12 games and now three losses. To say that this year is not going as planned so far would be an understatement. Baylor has allowed a total of 175 points in three games. They have allowed a total of 1841 offensive yards. Probably most importantly, they have forced 0 turnovers. In the TCU game, you could put some of the blame for the loss on the offense. Anytime you give up the ball 6 times, you are going to lose.

The Texas and West Virginia games are pretty much all on defense. The Bears scored a total of 113 points in two losses on the road. Sure, they gave the ball away 3 times in that game, but Baylor did enough to win those games offensively. I know my recap articles are title "Overreaction Central" mainly for the fact that all fans freak out good or bad after games. Saying that though, there is no overreacting going on with our defense. It is tragically bad.

The Baylor defense is outmanned at almost every position, and the coaching staff is running out of options, player wise and scheme wise, to do much about it. So many times against TCU and Texas were there players in position to make plays that they just did not make. Against West Virginia, the schemes were terrible and the players just did not play well. The last two games, I put more of it on the players.

Saying that, we are not going to speak about individual players here. These are college kids who shouldn't be called out by any writers. That is just my belief. I will just leave it as this. We need more players at pretty much every level of the defense. I don't know if burning redshirts is the answer. I don't know if our backups are any better. They probably aren't. We need an influx in talent in the worst way at almost every position. That is on the coaching staff.

Word of the Game:

Offense - Precision

We are watching a truly special offense here. The Bears finally got their rushing attack going this week against the Longhorns. Baylor ran for 269 yards and averaged 5.8 yards per carry. They were led by Glasco Martin, who has the most rushes with 15 and gained 85 yards. He also got a TD run for the Bears, but had a costly fumble as the Bears were driving for the go-ahead touchdown.

The Bears also got 77 yards from Nick Florence, and 46 from Jarred Salubi. The most surprising contribution might have been from Lache Seastrunk, who actually started the game, though he was only out there for 2 plays. He came back late in the game though and got 61 yards rushing on just 7 carries.

The Baylor passing attack also held up its end of the deal, gaining 352 yards, led by Terrance Williams with 10 catches for 183 yards. He was sensational again last night, as he scored on a long 80 yard catch, and also did great work on slant patterns all night against a very good cover corner in Quandre Diggs.

Anytime you can score 50 points on the road in the Big 12, you should win. Again, the offense was not the problem.

Defense - Befuddling

There really isn' much more to say about the lack of performance from the defense.They allowed 10 of 16 on 3rd downs, so not as historically bad as last week against TCU. But they again did not force a turnover, or even a field goal attempt. This defense has not been able to make a play in 3 games. They are the worst defense in college football right now. No doubt in my mind.

Fun Stats of the Game:

-The Bears are -9 in turnover margin in Big 12 play this year.
-Terrance Williams has 660 yards receiving in 3 Big 12 games this year
-The Bears scored a point every 35.38 seconds of possession
-The Bears tied for their most rushing touchdowns in a game this year with 4

Players of the Game:

Offense - Terrance Williams

He is a stud, point blank. Last week, the TCU defense took Williams out of the game and held him to just 3 catches. Texas could not do the same, as he had 10 catches on the night and put the Bears in great position several times to score easy rushing touchdowns. He is a special player, and is the best receiver in the nation.

Honorable Mention - Nick Florence, Lache Seastrunk, Glasco Martin, Quandre Diggs Pass interference penalties

Defense - Ahmad Dixon, 11 tackles, 1 tackle for loss

Dixon is one of the few Big 12 caliber defensive players we have. He is a stud, and he was all over the field. On the few stops we did get, he was usually one of the big reasons. He had a HUGE stop late in the game to get a stop to give the Bears a chance to get it down to a one score game. We need a BUNCH more Ahmad Dixons in green and gold.

Honorable Mention- Mike Davis' hands, and really that is about the only thing that stopped them

Summary -
The Bears came out and fought hard this week at least. The offense looked great again, after a stuttering start to the TCU game that probably cost them. The Baylor defense just could not get any stops, though they did hold UT to just 14 points in the second half, a vast improvement to the first half. It was not enough though. The Bears lose again, their third loss in a row. Baylor travels to Iowa State, a tough place to win a game to try and stop the bleeding and turn their season around.

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