Jackson State Preview

With a resounding victory in their first game, the Bears have a quick turn around to host the visiting Jackson State Tigers.

The Baylor Bears host to the Jackson State Tigers of the SWAC Sunday afternoon. Baylor is coming off of a 22 point victory over the Lehigh Mountain Hawks, while this is the season opener for the Tigers. Last season, JSU finished just 7-24 on the season in Teverster Anderson's 9th season in Jackson, Mississippi.

The top returning players for JSU are Christian Williams, a 6-1 senior guard who averaged 11 points per game along with 2.7 rebounds and 2.4 assists. Also returning is Kelsey Howard, a 6-4 guard that is their leading returning scorer at 14.6 points per game.

The Tigers run a 3-guard lineup with Williams and Howard along with Derrell Taylor, a 6-5 swing guard. Alongside those three guards will be Sydney Coleman a 6-7 forward and Willie Readus a bowling ball forward who is 6-6 and 250 pounds. Jackson State is very small on the front line, and they don't have a ton of guys will be able to hang with the Bears in the paint.

This is a game the Bears should win quite handily. This is not a decent small conference team like some of the ones that have challenged the Bears in the past early in the season. Baylor is one of the best 15 teams in the country, and Jackson State is not even close to that level.

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Keys to the Game:

Don't get anyone hurt - Really, what else is there to say about a game like this. Get everyone some good minutes, try some different lineups and get the new guys some time court together. The Bears just have to get out of this game healthy and just get a little better as their schedule continues to get tougher as we get into December.

Get Austin Healthy - Look, if this was a Big 12 game, he might be able to play, but the Bears have nothing to gain here by playing him. Sit the big fella down, and get him ready for the trip to Charleston in a few days.

Dominate the paint - The Bears are significantly bigger and better at every position. They need to continue what they did against Lehigh, and just use their superior size to control the glass, and get extra possessions and points.


Massey Rating - 85-46 Bears win (100% chance)

Pomeroy - 77-53 Bears win (98%)

BearsIllustrated Prediction - 97-57 Bears win

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