Baylor 2014 Recruiting Board

Here lies the best guess of what the 2014 recruiting class COULD look like for the Bears. We still have a long way to go, but here is a best case scenario for what the Bears have on the table.

Recruiting is a science. It isn't as sweet as boxing, but it isn't as difficult as AP Chemistry either. But make no mistake, it is a science. Currently the Bears have 21 seniors on scholarship, so we are taking the guess work that Baylor will fill 25 spots, and find those other 4 spots, which isn't exactly a big leap of faith.

The first choice is exactly what you think it is; out of all of the offers, who would you take first at that position. The second choice will also be full of offered players as well. The others to watch will be more in line with guys that are getting a lot of attention that might get an offer if some of the other targets fall through. And finally, I will give you a current guestimate on who I think the Bears will end up.

Most of this will be educated guesswork, so take it as purely entertainment, with a dash of news coverage. I will keep updating this as often as I can, taking out players off the board or new players added. So, let's get on with making the Bears 2013 recruiting class!

Quarterback – 1 spot

First Choice: Randall Cunningham II or Brandon Harris

Second Choice: Patrick Mahomes

Others to watch: Reed Carlton, Zach Cripps, Payne Sullins,Ben Arbuckle

I find if very hard to believe that Coach Briles and his staff will miss one all three of the guys listed above. In fact, I bet the Bears end up with Harris or Cunningham and call it a day. I don't see BU taking more than one guy, primarily due to the coaching staff's preference to only have 3-4 scholarship quarterbacks at a time.

THE CHOICE – Randall Cunningham II

Running Back – 2 spots

First Choice: Terence Williams (COMMIT), Joe Mixon

Second Choice: Cedric Dale

Others to watch: Larry Hill, Kendrick Igbinoba, Jarek Black, Corey Avery, Treyvon Hughes, Thomas Middleton, Marcus Anderson, Kameron Martin

Not much guesswork here unless Williams takes some visits and leaves the Bears behind him. Honestly, I don't see that happening. I think Williams will end up being a Bear, and Baylor fans will be very happy he did. I do think the Bears will bring in another running back, probably more of a speed option than Williams. They really don't have a lot of offers right now, but are keeping in contact with quite a few running backs.

THE CHOICE – Terence Williams (COMMIT), Corey Avery

Fullback – 0 spots

First Choice: NONE

Fullback is a non-essential luxury in Briles offense. Baylor will find a walk-on or convert a LB or another player to this spot. I would be very surprised to see a scholarship go out to a fullback at this time.

Tight End – 1 spot

First Choice: Tyler Luatua,

Second Choice: Koda Martin, John Thomas (JUCO), Jordan Feuerbacher, Alize Jones

Others to watch:

With two seniors and a junior in the fold, there is plenty of opportunity at the bottom of the depth chart for a guy that won't mind sitting around for 2 years waiting his turn. I was actually surprised to see as many offers as

THE CHOICE – Jordan Feuerbacher

Wide Receiver – 3 spots

First Choice: Davion Hall (COMMIT), Chris Platt (COMMIT), Kd Cannon, Josh Malone

Second Choice: T.V. Williams, DeAndre Tomkins,

Others to watch:

In the end, Hall, Platt and Cannon will be Bears. There has been too much smoke around KD Cannon to not be a little true. Baylor comes in with possibly the best wide receiver class in the nation in 2013.

THE CHOICE – Davion Hall(COMMIT), Chris Platt(COMMIT), KD Cannon

Offensive Tackle: 2 spots

Offered: Tyus Barrett, Jovan Pruitt, Jermaine Eluemunor

Second Tier: Michael Grimm, Nick Gates, Jarrell Broxton

Others to watch: Jacob Bragg, Cory Klingler

The Bears are going after some big names at the tackle spot this year. Barrett and Pruitt are two of the best lineman recruits in the state, and the Bears are battling everyone for their services. I do like where BU stands with Barrett and think Briles and his success with sending lineman to the NFL will win his services.

I also think the Bears will continue to take at least one JUCO offensive lineman as well, and probably one that might not be on our radar yet. While I think there are only two spots right now for tackles, this is a position we could take 3 of, including one JUCO.

THE CHOICE – Tyus Barrett, and a JUCO

Interior Lineman: 2 spots

Offered: Devonte Jones (COMMIT), Blake Blackmar, Josh Pelzel(COMMIT)

Second Tier: Brad Lundblade

Others to watch:

Baylor finally got its first verbal commitment for a lineman. Devonte Jones became the fourth commitment for the 2013 recruiting class. Later on the Bears added Pelzel. While I think the Bears would be happy with those two as commits for the interior, Pelzel could move out to tackle as well, and open up a spot for Lundblade. But for now, I think the Bears are done on the inside, depending on how the tackle position goes.

THE CHOICE – Devonte Jones(COMMIT), Josh Pelzel(COMMIT),

Defensive Tackle – 2 spots

First Choice: Thomas Holley, Cedric Johnson, Andrew Morris

Others to watch:

Honestly, not a lot of action on the defensive tackle front. Baylor leads for Johnson over OU and LSU simply because they haven't offered yet. Morris is a recent offer, and is a lightly recruited guy for now. Baylor missed out on most of its bigger targets (Zaycoven Henderson and Trey Lealaimatafao) so I do think there will be a few more offers coming down the pipe.

THE CHOICE – Cedric Johnson, Andrew Morris

Defensive End – 2 spots

First Choice: Solomon Thomas, Myles Garrett, Deondre Clark

Second Choice: Grant Blankenship, Sione Teuema, Josh Malin

Others to watch: Sekou Clark, Tim Wilkerson, Daniel Wise

There have been a lot more offers going out to defensive ends this year, so I expect the Bears to take two or three here. Thomas and Garrett are two of the highest rated players on the defensive side of the ball the Bears have a chance at. Baylor has at least 6 offers out right now to ends, with Malin possibly having the frame to move inside as well. Blankenship is just one of those guys that screams a Baylor commit to me, and has had an offer for a long time.

THE CHOICE – Grant Blankenship, Josh Malin

Outside Linebacker - 2 spots

First Choice: Christian Sam, James David

Second Choice: Tay Evans, Dvonta Derricott

Others to watch: Somari Wright, Trevor Moses, Quinton Trice

I think Sam could be one of the next commits on the board for the Bears, as he is all over Twitter touting Briles and the greatness of BU. The second spot is a little tougher to gauge as David is still considering 8 schools and hasn't cut his list down. He did say that Baylor was his only planned visit though, so put BU in the lead for now.

THE CHOICE – Christian Sam, James David

Nickel Back – 1 spot

First Choice: T'Kevian Rockwell, Edwin Freeman

Second Choice: Cordell Dorsey

Others to watch:

Rockwell is one of the candidates for the nickel back position this year, and I think the Wylie, TX star gets the spot. It will be tough competition for this 4-star recruit though.

THE CHOICE – T'Kevian Rockwell

Inside Linebacker – 1 spot

First Choice: Kenny Young,

Second Choice: Josh Mabin

Others to watch: Grant Wantanabe

The Bears still have a starter at middle linebacker for two more years, plus a young stud behind him, so I don't expect to take more than one. Kenny Young is the highest profile offer we have, but he seems destined for an SEC school. Mabin though just seems like the kind of recruit the Bears get for middle linebacker.

THE CHOICE – Josh Mabin

Corner Back – 3 spots

First Choice: Tony Brown, Nick Watkins

Second Choice: Jyaz Jones , Verkedric Vaughns,

Others to watch: Quinlan Gaines, Marcus Green,

Another position with a ton of offers to some 4 and 5 star recruits. The Bears have missed on a few of the top level corners all ready, but this is a great year for cornerbacks in Texas. Brown and Watkins are both top 10 corners in the nation. It would be amazing to get either one of those committed to the Bears. I have trouble thinking that either will commit to the Bears though. I think second tier guys like Jones who has great size and good athleticism for the position and Vaughn who has special speed will be in green and gold. Finally, I think the Bears will go after a junior college player for a third spot, as the Bears lose quite 4 seniors on the depth chart after 2013 including both starters.

THE CHOICE –Jyaz Jones, Verkedric Vaughns, JUCO

Safety – 1 spot

First Choice: Jamal Adams, John Bonney

Second Choice: Mattrell McGraw, Jahshawn Johnson

Others to watch:

This is a tough position to figure out at this point. The Bears staff is swinging for the fences in Adams and Bonney, but neither is showing much love back at this point. Adams is not even mentioned the Bears anymore and appears headed out of state, while Bonney is favoring two out of state powers as well. McGraw isn't mentioning the Bears anymore, and there might have been some cooling off between the Bears and Johnson as for a while there, it appeared a commitment might be forthcoming. For now though, I give the edge to Johnson in a one-man safety class.

THE CHOICE – Jahshawn Johnson

Specialists – 0 spots

First Choice:

With the Bears having a junior punter and freshman either coming in this year or next in Chris Callahan, I doubt the Bears offer any scholarships for 2013.


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