Afternoon Practice focuses on position drills

Well, the afternoon brought a brief workout for the Bruin newcomers as well as hotter temps. Actually, though, it wasn't too bad with a southerly breeze blowing. The Bears broke into position drills this session and went to work. More player impressions and stories from the first day of practice.

As far as stories go, let's start with big Antoine Murphy. Murphy is excited to be at Baylor and has already moved into a leadership role among his teammates. At one point this morning, fellow lineman Glen Oskin from Houston Second Baptist was walking ahead of a jogging Murphy. Murphy came up behind him and said "No walking between the lines" which if you know is a rule on the Baylor practice field. Oskin started jogging with him.

As I mentioned in another post, linebacker Greg Wade (6-3, 235) impressed the coaches with his speed by running the cones faster than any linebacker in the last three years. That includes John Garrett, folks. WOW!

Also, much chatter was spent this afternoon over the athleticism of DT Eric Jackson (6-4, 258). Evidently, he was kinda inbetween positions in the eyes of most Div I coaches and so was passed over. However, the Bears stole one here as Jackson is expected to add weight over the coming year and get up around 290. With his natural athletic ability, that's great news for Baylor Football supporters.

OK, as for more player impressions. This morning I mentioned that QB Davon Vinson (6-4, 214) was unreal in the agility and speed drills. I told a friend at lunch that if the kid could throw at all, he'd be great. Well, his arm is powerful and accurate and his potential is astounding. Obviously, Cicero is the man this year. But, if Vinson studies the film and learns the system, look out, all bets could be off next August. He's that good (in my opinion)!

I got a better look at the RB's this afternoon and it's kinda humorous. Eron Haynes (6-0, 174) is a decent sized back, but he looks small standing next to Jontue Fears-Hayes (6-2, 228) and Anthony Krieg (6-0, 216). Really, though, Haynes has quickness and speed to burn which is a great compliment to the power and strength of his fellow freshman running backs. Fears-Hayes is downright scary because of his size and build.

It's also funny to see Oskin standing around with the other OL's. Can a 6-5, 300 guy ever look small? The answer is yes, when he's standing next to guys who weigh 369, 383, 342, and 329. Murphy, Bungert and Outland were all very impressive in their movement in drills. Oskin is also very advanced for his age.

On the defensive side of the ball I already talked about Eric Jackson. His compadre at DT, Lorenzo Davis, came in bigger than expected. He's 6-4, 333 and looks like he's in great shape and loving the low humidity in Waco. Davis is from central Louisiana where I grew up and I'm sure he's loving the dry heat of central Texas.

A.C. Collier looks great as does Shaun Jackson (6-3, 246). Just a note in case you haven't read up on these two guys, Collier had four more sacks last season than Baylor did as a team and Jackson started at DE as a true freshman for Hawaii who went to a bowl that year.

Friday, practice gets going at 7:30 in the morning and continues in the afternoon, but is closed. More reports to come tomorrow night.

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