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With commitments coming fast and furious, what could the rest of the 2014 class look like for the Bears, and how do the current players line up for the Bears?

Since our last update just 1 month ago, the Bears have gone on a tear with 9 commitments to increase up to 14 as of June 2nd. Out of those 9 commitments, the Bears saw commitments from Jordan Feuerbacher, Cordell Dorsey and Chad Adams which were some of the choices from the May projection. With just 11 spots left, who else could give their pledge to the Bears, and what other positions could see commitments?

Quarterback – 1 spot

Best Case: Randall Cunningham II or Brandon Harris

Other Offers: Patrick Mahomes,

Others to watch: Reed Carlton, Zach Cripp, Payne Sullins,Ben Arbuckle

May Choice: Randall Cunningham II

THE CHOICE – Randall Cunningham II

No change in the choice for June. RC2 as the coaches call him is still #1 on the board for the Bears, and

Running Back – 1 spot

Best Case: Terence Williams (COMMIT), Joe Mixon

Other Offers: Cedric Dale

Others to watch: Larry Hill, Kendrick Igbinoba, Jarek Black, Corey Avery, Treyvon Hughes, Thomas Middleton, Marcus Anderson, Kameron Martin

May Choice: Terence Williams

THE CHOICE – Terrence Williams (COMMIT)

This time around, Williams ends up being the only running back for the Bears. I do think Baylor would take a commitment from Cedric Dale, but he could end up on the other side of the ball as well. Williams will be a good complement to Johnny Jefferson (2013 signee) and the Bears are in on quite a few top tier running backs in the 2015 class that are more of the speed back variety.

Fullback – 0 spots

First Choice: NONE

May Choice: None

Fullback is a non-essential luxury in Briles offense. We will find a walk-on or convert a LB or another player to this spot. I would be very surprised to see a scholarship go out to a fullback at this time.

Tight End – 2 spots

Best Case: Tyler Luatua,

Other Offers: Blake Mahon (COMMIT),Jordan Feuerbacher (COMMIT), , Koda Martin, John Thomas (JUCO), , Alize Jones

Others to watch:

May Choice: Jordan Feuerbacher

THE CHOICE – Blake Mahon (COMMIT)and Jordan Feuerbacher (COMMIT)

There had been rumblings that the Bears would take two tight ends, and it became true with the commitment from Jordan Feuerbacher first and then Blake Mahon just two weeks later. Feuerbacher will reportedly try and graduate early to show up for the spring semester to bolster his chances of playing as a true freshman.

Wide Receiver – 3 spots

Best Case: Davion Hall (COMMIT), Chris Platt (COMMIT), Ishmael Zamora (COMMIT), Kd Cannon

Other Offers: T.V. Williams, DeAndre Tomkins , Josh Malone,

Others to watch: Latrell Martin

May Choice: Davion Hall, Chris Platt, KD Cannon

THE CHOICE – Davion Hall (COMMIT), Chris Platt (COMMIT), Ishmael Zamora (COMMIT)

Ishmael Zamora rose from a prospect that was sending out his tape looking for more attention and offers, to one of the hottest recruits in the nation. The Bears got his commitment over Texas, Colorado and Illinois with a lot more offers on the way. With three commits, the Bears are probably done with recruiting any receiver not named KD Cannon, who they would probably still take a verbal commitment from at any point in the process.

Offensive Tackle: 3 spots

Best Case : Tyus Barrett, Jovan Pruitt

Other Offers: Patrick Lawrence (COMMIT), Josh Pelzel (COMMIT), Michael Grimm, Nick Gates, Jarrell Broxton, Frank Kee (JUCO) Jermaine Eluemunor, , Jermaine Eluemunor

Others to watch: Jacob Bragg, Cory Klingler

May Choice: Tyus Barrett, and a JUCO

THE CHOICE – Patrick Lawrence (COMMIT), Josh Pelzel (COMMIT), Tyus Barrett

With the recent commitment of Blake Blackmar to the guard position, Josh Pelzel finds himself now projected as a tackle. He joins another new commitment in Patrick Lawrence. With the Bears still recruiting Barrett and Pruitt, it looks like they might take another tackle. Another tackle commitment could push Pelzel back inside. Will the 5th lineman be a guy like Barrett or a junior college player is the question at this point.

Interior Lineman: 2 spots

Best Case: Devonte Jones (COMMIT), Blake Blackmar (COMMIT), Frank Kee (juco)

Other Offers: Brad Lundblade, Connor Mayes

Others to watch: William Richardson

May Choice: Devonte Jones (COMMIT), Josh Pelzel (COMMIT)

THE CHOICE – Devonte Jones (COMMIT) and Blake Blackmar (COMMIT)

With the addition of Blackmar to the commitment list, it pushes Pelzel out of the interior and onto the outsided. Jones is still going to be a guard, but Blackmar is more likely slotted for the center position, which would lower the interest in Connor Mayes.

Defensive Tackle – 2 spots

Best Case: Thomas Holley, Cedric Johnson, Andrew Morris

Other Offers: Claude Pelon (JUCO), Peyton Newell

Others to watch:

May Choice: Cedric Johnson, Andrew Morris

THE CHOICE – Cedric Johnson and

Surprisingly, still not a lot of movement at the defensive tackle position for the Bears as they just don't have a lot of offers out there. The Bears lead for Johnson's services according to most, but who will the other spot go to? It would be a surprise to see just one defensive lineman in this class, even with the big 2013 class joining the team soon. Morris was committed to Rice when the last update was posted, and still is, so it is looking more and more likely that he will stick with the Owls.

Defensive End – 3 spots

Best Case: Xavier Jones (COMMIT),Jamie Jacobs (COMMIT),Solomon Thomas, Myles Garrett

Other Offers: Deondre Clark, Grant Blankenship, Sione Teuema, Josh Malin

Others to watch: Sekou Clark, Tim Wilkerson, Daniel Wise, C.J. Reese, Anthony Davis

May Choice: Grant Blankenship, Josh Malin

THE CHOICE – Xavier Jones (COMMIT), Jamie Jacobs (COMMIT), Josh Malin

A lot of changes here, with the offers and very quick commitments of Xavier Jones and Jamie Jacobs. Both came from off of the list to commitments. Both Jones and Jacobs are rangier defensive ends, with good height and frames to put on more weight. Grant Blankenship appears to be out of the picture, as on the last update with him, the Bears were not in his top 6.

Outside Linebacker - 2 spots

Best Case: Christian Sam, James David

Other Offers: Tay Evans, Dvonta Derricott (JUCO)

Others to watch: Somari Wright, Trevor Moses, Quinton Trice

May Choice: Christian Sam, James David

THE CHOICE – James David and Christian Sam

Nothing changing here, even with the murmurs and rumors of James David committing. It has not officially happened yet, so we wait. The Bears would be very happy with either of these players committing, and could just settle for one outside linebacker if they get a player at another position, like line or wide receiver that they like more.

Nickel Back – 1 spot

Best Case: Cordell Dorsey (COMMIT),

Other Offers: Edwin Freeman

Others to watch:

May Choice: T'Kevian Rock Well

THE CHOICE – Cordell Dorsey (COMMIT)

Dorsey became the Bears 12th commitment on May 31st, giving the Bears a player with the ability to play safety or come down to the nickel back position. He could even bulk up a bit and play outside linebacker, though I prefer him at the NB spot currently occupied by Sam Holl.

Inside Linebacker – 1 spot

Best Case: Kenny Young,

Other Offers: Josh Mabin

Others to watch: Grant Wantanabe, Justen Tatum

May Choice: Josh Mabin

THE CHOICE – Josh Mabin

No change in projection here, and really not a lot of movement. Justen Tatum has gotten a bit more attention from the Bears, but still no offer. I still think Mabin is the guy to watch here for the inside position. However, if the Bears need a scholarship elsewhere, this would be one they would probably move away from.

Corner Back – 2 spots

Best Case: Tony Brown, Nick Watkins

Other Offers:, Verkedric Vaughns, Chad Adams, Jourdan Blake

Others to watch: Quinlan Gaines, Marcus Green, Nehemiah Wagner

May Choice: Jyaz Jones, Verkedric Vaughns, Chad Adams

THE CHOICE – Chad Adams (COMMIT) and Jourdan Blake

The Bears secured the commitment of Chad Adams literally during the final preparation of this update. Adams is a 3-star corner out of Allen, TX and is a guy the Bears liked a lot for the corner position. The last projection had this position at 3 spots, but I moved one of those spots to the offensive line, as I think the Bears still have some good options there to take advantage of.

Safety – 1 spot

Best Case: Jamal Adams, John Bonney, T'Kevian Rockwell

Other Offers: Mattrell McGraw, Jahshawn Johnson, Jason Hall, Aaron Sharp

Others to watch: Chance Waz

May Choice: Jashawn Johnson

THE CHOICE - T'Kevian Rockwell

With Dorsey joining the class, and Rockwell allegedly leaning towards the Bears, you have to imagine that Baylor will make room for a guy like Rockwell. He can play the Nickel Back role or the safety role alongside more of a coverage guy, so we move Rockwell to the safety spot, especially considering the Bears don't look very good with any of the other Best Case scenario offers right now. Another player to watch here is Aaron Sharp, a QB in the scout system, but at 6-3, 190 pounds has the size and athleticism to play safety for the Bears. Keep an eye on this young man as a possible defensive back recruit.

Specialists – 0 spots

First Choice:

With the Bears having a junior punter and freshman either coming in this year or next in Chris Callahan, I doubt the Bears offer any scholarships for 2013.

May Choice- NONE


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