Saying Goodbye to Floyd Casey Stadium

Floyd Casey will host it's final season of Baylor football in 2013, and Baylor plans to send it out in style.

After 64 years of hosting college football games, Floyd Casey Stadium will soon be just a memory as far as Baylor football fans go, and Baylor University will do its best throughout the season to honor those last 6 decades.

Originally called Baylor Stadium and built in 1950, Floyd Casey (its name since 1989) has seen plenty of change over the years. From new seats, to new fields, to new suites and new scoreboards, Floyd Casey has lived the life of a typical modern day stadium. However, Baylor and its supporters have made the necessary and wise decision to construct a state-of-the-art $260 million stadium on the banks of the Brazos River on Baylor's campus. The in-progress Baylor Stadium, as the new facility will be called, will certainly be something admired for years to come. But for now, Baylor looks back.

Heath Nielsen, Associate Athletic Director at Baylor University, joined the Report on Saturday to discuss some of the things Baylor plans to do. Six out of the seven Baylor home games (excluding the Thursday night match against Oklahoma) will honor its own set of past players, Nielsen explained. Each decade will be honored starting with the 2000's in Baylor's game against Wofford, and ending in the 1950's in Baylor's final game against Texas. The Texas game will also include retro 1950's uniforms as the Bears say goodbye one final time to the stadium.

Nielsen mentioned that all players from the various decades have been invited to attend the game and be honored on the field, and the response has apparently been overwhelming. That should not be a surprise given that excitement surrounding Baylor football is at an all-time high.

With season ticket sales at record highs, a promising football team on the field with a legitimate shot at a conference championship, and the smell of football at its most potent, this will certainly be a season to remember for all Baylor fans. The last game at Floyd Casey against Texas is already sold out (except for as part of season ticket sales). Whether or not conference championship implications will be on the line, we will not know for several months. But either way, that day will certainly be bitter-sweet for Baylor fans as they say goodbye to Floyd Casey and look towards the future Baylor Stadium back on campus.

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