Big 12 Rewind & Power Rankings: Week 3

BearsIllustrated looks at the past weekend in the Big 12 and ranks the conference. Lost of movement in the rankings after this weekends games. Join us inside and discuss the rankings and the Big 12!

This past week was a tough one for the Big 12, to say the least. Not exactly what the Big 12 needed, after a less than stellar week 2. It's not surprise that the Big 12 is down this year, but what is surprising is the amount of teams that have lost in their non-conference games. The Big 12 is usually very good during non-conference play, but this year teams in the Big 12 have already lost 7 non-conference games. If memory serves, the Big 12 lost that many non-conference games in two years combined. Couple that with a lot of off-the-field issues, and the Big 12 would have a tough time claiming to be in the top 3 of conferences in D-1 football.

Looking at this weeks slate of games, there were 3 marquee matchups, 4 if you count KU vs Rice but yea.....moving on from that, those 3 matchups were Iowa vs Iowa State, TCU vs Texas Tech, and Ole Miss vs Texas. With Baylor having an off week, and Kansas once again showing their worth as a cellar dweller to the Big 12, the other 4 teams took care of business this past weekend.

Things are always quirky in Aimes, Iowa. Not sure what is in the air, but Iowa State is a very tough team to play at home. Leading in to their week 3 matchup with Iowa, Iowa State was looking to rebound from their opening week loss to UNI, by showing they were able to improve during their off week, and take care of business against a mediocre Big 10 team. Well one thing Iowa State showed was that they aren't going to be as good as they thought they might be. Iowa jumped out to a 27-7 lead before Iowa States comeback fell short. Iowa State, who turned to Sam Richardson to lead them back to the top half of the Big 12, was plagued by turnovers and a running attack that had a paltry 59 yards on 24 carries. This was a win the Big 12 needed, but didn't get.

The only Big 12 game on the calendar pitted #24 TCU against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. TCU was picked by many as a favorite to win the Big 12, but after an opening week lost to TCU and a recent injury to QB Casey Pachall, the Horned Frogs find themselves in a world of trouble. Kliff Kingsbury has brought a new type of "swagger" to the Red Raider program and it is an infectious one. Leading 10-0 at halftime, and having controlled the game in the first half, it looked like maybe that lead would be tough to take back for TCU. Well that proved to be the case as TCU struggled to find any offensive consistency and penalties mounted for a team that prides itself on being disciplined. Give Texas Tech credit, they played with intensity and just flat out wanted it more.

The third matchup we will look at pitted the SEC against the Big 12. Much has been said about the competition and status between the Big 12 and the SEC. This matchup was intriguing for more reasons than that. The week leading up to the game was a difficult one for the Texas Longhorn program. They gave up over 550 yards rushing to BYU, their DC was fired or "reassigned" the next day, and Mack Brown was dodging questions about his flailing program and the lack of toughness and fight his players have. That is almost too much to handle, much less trying to work in a new DC. The game started out as one would suspect, as Ole Miss jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead by giving the Texas defense a heavy dose of the zone read. But heading in to the 2nd half, Texas showed the resiliency that made the favorite to win the Big 12. They fought back and headed in to halftime up 23-17. As they headed back out for the 2nd half, many watching felt that maybe Texas was starting to turn the corner, but that was quickly squashed as Ole Miss reeled off 27 points in the 2nd half to win 44-23. The team was dejected and defeated and their head coach looked even worse. What was once a very proud program is now gravely searching for an identity. And with the Big 12 games coming up, they better find it quick or else they could be staring at a quick 1-4 record after they face OU in a couple of weeks, and could be heading to another 5-7 record. Their 2nd in in at least 4 years.

Heading in to week 4, gives their Big 12 Power Rankings after week 3 performances. There was a lot of movement in the power rankings, so come inside our member board and discuss your thoughts!

BearsIllustrated Big 12 Power Rankings - Week 3:

Teams Overall Record
1. #11 Oklahoma State 3-0 (0-0)
2. #14 Oklahoma 3-0 (1-0)
3. #20 Baylor 2-0 (0-0)
4. #25 Texas Tech 3-0 (1-0)
5. TCU 1-2 (0-1)
6. West Virginia 2-1 (0-1)
7. Kansas State 2-1 (0-0)
8. Texas 1-2 (0-0)
9. Iowa State 1-1 (0-0)
10. Kansas 1-1 (0-0)

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