From the Other Side: Kansas State

Each week, will dig deeper into the opponent by interviewing a media member from the opponent. This week, Kellis Robinett of the Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City Star helps us learn more about Kansas State.

Kellis Robinett of the Wichita Eagle and the Kansas City Star covers Kansas State football for both publications. Today, Robinett helps us get a better feel for this week's Baylor game from the Kansas State perspective.

It appears Daniel Sams has taken control of the QB position for Kansas State. First, is that correct? And either way, where do you think Sams is in his development as a QB?

It is hard to say where K-State's quarterbacks stand. Daniel Sams played well at times last week, but turned the ball over four times. He needs more game experience. Jake Waters has started every game, but his confidence seems low. I expect Sams to be the primary quarterback against Baylor because of his running ability, but Bill Snyder may decide otherwise.

The wide-receiver position has had some turnover due to injury in the last week or two, who is the most likely to step up this week against Baylor if the injuries to Tyler Lockett and Tramaine Thompson keep them out again?

Kyle Klein may be the new go-to receiver. Collin Klein's little brother looked good against Oklahoma State and he has all the skills. Torell Miller, Curry Sexton and maybe Deante Burton will also play a role.

Ty Zimmerman missed the game last year against Baylor; as the team's leader on defense, what does he bring to the table for the Wildcats?

He is the guy everyone else looks to. His absence meant a lot confidence-wise last year.

Who are the standouts on Kansas State's defense (other than Zimmerman) that could potentially slow down Baylor's prolific offense?

Travis Britz is the teams best defensive lineman. He has played well of late, and even blocked a few kicks. Blake Slaughter is the other name to know at linebacker. He is a solid player.

What is the general sentiment of the local media and fans going into this game against Baylor?

I can't remember the last time K-State was this big an underdog. Maybe 2003 vs. Oklahoma. No one gave it a shot in that game, but K-State ended up winning easily so you never know.

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