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The Bears rode in to Manhattan, Kansas riding an 8 game win streak and averaging an unreal 70 points a game, in their first 4 games. We provide 5 thoughts on the game. Come inside to discuss this and more!

The Bears came in to their game, against Kansas State, averaging a salty 70 points per game and an unbelievable 750 + yards of offense. The Bears knew that they would face a dog fight going in to their game against the Kansas State Wildcats, and while the Bears prevailed with a 35-25 win, it certainly wasn't pretty and provided the Bears things to work on going in to their homecoming game against Iowa State. We take a look at 5 things that stood out from the game yesterday. After reading, come inside BearsIllustrated to discuss these things and much, much more!

1. Glasco Martin is back

Much has been said about Glasco's injured ankle and the fact that is hindering Martin from being able to contribute a ton so far this season. Glasco has played sparingly throughout the first 4 games, but he showed up big time when the Bears needed him the most. With the Bears only up 3 in the 4th quarter, the Bears were able to get the ball back after an Ahmad Dixon interception. With a short field, the Bears leaned on Martin's power running and led to a 21 yd TD run to put the Bears up 10 and put the nail in the coffin against the Wildcats. This showed how valuable it is that the Bears have a great counter punch to Lache Seastrunk. Lache was bottle up all game, and only gained 59 yards on the day. However, Glasco came up big for the Bears and provided 70 yards on the ground, but most importantly provided a spark when the team needed it the most.

2. Baylor took KSUs best shot and pulled out the Win

On a day when everything, and I mean everything could go wrong it did. KSU played with a a lot of passion yesterday and executed their game plan to the T. KSU wanted to control the clock, run the ball, play sound defense, and control special teams. Outside of the 3 quick scores by the Bears offense, KSUs defense held the explosive Baylor offense in check. This was most evident in the 3rd quarter when the Bears only touched the ball 6 times. What can you say about Daniel Sams? That kid showed a ton of toughness and explosiveness. The frustrating thing about his running was the fact that Baylor's defense could not stay fundamentally sound and continued to miss their assignments. This led to huge running lanes for Sams. Sams is gifted athletically and much credit should go to him, but give Sams credit for capitalizing on those mistakes. The good news for the Bears is that they do not face a QB like Sams the rest of the season. Boykin, for TCU, might be close, but he isn't near the runner that Sams is. Either way, Baylor found a way to get stops when they needed to and escaped with a huge road win, on a day when many of the top 25 teams lost on the road.

3. Baylor needs to play their game

One thing that was very evident, was the Bears allowed KSU to get in to their heads and were forced to play KSUs game. This is a huge change from the previous 4 games, as Baylor had those games under control after the 1st quarter. Heading on the road, for the first time on the season, is one of the toughest things to do. It is even more tough when you have to go in to a place like Manhattan, and try and get a win when you aren't very crisp and things are going bad. Manhattan is an extremely difficult place to play, and yesterday was no different. Baylor is explosive, and it showed on 3 of their TD drives, but the other drives, the offensive line was constantly getting beat up front and our inability to get anything going on the ground showed that. The other frustrating part of this game was the dropped passes and untimely penalties. That is uncharacteristic for a team that is always going up tempo and likes to control several facets of the game on offense. I'm not sure it's anything that Baylor fans need to be worried about because they are all things that can be fixed. The Bears will just need to focus on those little things, and everything else will come easy.

4. Baylor is for real

Say what you will, and I'm mostly talking about the media here, but this Baylor team is for real. Much has been said about their weak schedule, but when you can go on the road, in a hostile environment, against all odds and pull out a double digit win against the reigning Big 12 champions, you are doing something right. Two years ago, with Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III at the helm, the Bears took a 9 pt lead in to the 4th quarter and left Manhattan with a 1 point loss. This year is different. This team is different. They had every opportunity to fold up and take the loss, but they rose above that. Not many past Baylor teams would have done that. The defense, with as many issues as they had all game long, shut out the Wildcats in the 4th quarter, and the offense made the plays when they needed to. This was a total team effort and Baylor Nation should be extremely ecstatic about this teams possibilities.

5. A Win is a Win

At the end of the day, this game was what we thought it would be. A tough game. Kansas State had nothing to lose and played like a team on a mission. Their 2-4 record is not indicative of the type of team that this is. Bill Snyder is a great coach and knows how to get his team ready, especially at home. But on this day, Baylor did what they had to do, and showed a TON of character doing it. Baylor nation should be very proud of the resiliency this team showed to fight against adversity and come out with the win. I know I've mentioned it a lot, but this was a great win for this team, especially with our woeful road record in the Big 12. This win will give this team confidence moving forward, but also show them that they should come in to each game expecting to get the opposing teams best shot. KSU gave their best shot, but the Bears answered and delivered the knock out punch when they needed to. This team is special and should continue to get better, cause as we know this team is almost unstoppable when they head in to November.

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