From the Other Side: Oklahoma State

Each week, will dig deeper into the opponent by interviewing a media member from the opponent. This week, Robert Allen of helps us learn more about Oklahoma State.

The game of the year in the Big 12 pits Baylor against Oklahoma State. Robert Allen from was kind enough to give us some time to answer five questions about the Oklahoma State team.

How has Clint Chelf progressed from last season to this year? What parts of his game are improved?

I would say Clint is more mature and even more calm in his performance at the position. There is no doubt he has had to master patience with the juggling at quarterback with Walsh. His most improvement has been in the running game where he is seeing the defense so well and making the right decisions almost 100 percent on whether to run or not and when he runs he makes great decisions on where to run.

Beyond Chelf, Josh Stewart and Desmond Roland, who are the offensive playmakers you see stepping up in the 2nd half of this season?

Three wide receivers in seniors Tracy Moore and Charlie Moore as those tow have been steady all season. The quarterbacks haven't always been able to get the ball to them. Also, a young wide receiver in Jhajuan Seales is starting to make some major and very important plays in moving the ball.

Oklahoma State has blown out their last 4 opponents. Do you attribute that mostly to Chelf taking over the starting job or something else? If Chelf, what about his play has made the difference?

This team is led by their defense. The defense controlling the game and forcing turnovers in addition to getting off the field and leading the Big 12 in opponent third down conversions are why the team has won convincingly. A strong assist goes to the kicking game for also being involved in the scoring. By the way the defense has three touchdowns in the last four games.

Without getting into X's and O's too much, how would you generally say the Oklahoma State defense is designed to stop or slow down an offense like Baylor's?

They'll do what any defense has to do and that is cover the wide outs with man coverage so as to have seven in the box and have a good shot at stopping the run game. They'll need to do it better than the others have.

It seems like most of the biggest Oklahoma State games in conference have come in the bedlam game, which of course is a huge rivalry; what's it like this time around to have Gameday come for the Baylor game? What is the general sentiment of the fan base leading into this one?

I would say the fan base is confident that they will win. Oklahoma State hasn't lost much in Stillwater lately. As far as playing Baylor for the conference title and having Game Day here for a game other than Bedlam, it's great and I think OSU fans are more than fine with it. I'd like to think it is a new world order and that we will see this scenario repeat itself along with schools like Kansas State in the act.

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