The Baylor Bears are Big 12 champions courtesy of some Sooner magic and a 30-10 victory over the Texas Longhorns.

Paradise is not usually found in mid 20s weather with a bitter wind in your face and mist accumulating all around you, but try and tell that to a Baylor fan tonight. In front of over 51,000 cold and shivering Baylor fans, the Baylor Bears beat the Texas Longhorns 30-10 to secure their first Big 12 title.

As the game began, feint chants of Boomer Sooner could be heard scattered around the stadium, as news spread like a virus that the Oklahoma Sooners had upset the first place Oklahoma State Cowboys to give this Baylor vs Texas match up the title of official Big 12 championship game.

But it was the boys in the green and gold that got the win via a dominating performance by their defense and some third quarter offense as the field was rushed and the lights turned off for the last time at Floyd Casey Stadium. With Big 12 Champions burning itself into the jumobtron, lighting the stadium as the capacity crowd started its journey home, the Bears accepted their Fiesta Bowl invitation, the rightful claim of the Big 12 champion.

This victory will have Baylor fans celebrating tonight, this weekend and probably far after they face off against whomever the BCS gods choose to be opposite of the Bears in Tempe. So start the celebrating Baylor fans, you deserve it!

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