Baylor's Top 5 Play of 2013

What better way to celebrate the Bears season than figuring out the 5 BEST plays of the year for the Baylor Bears. Join us as we take a look back.

Play #5

Sam Holls knocks the ball out and Bryce Hager runs it back for a touchdown

Who doesn't love defensive touchdowns, especially those featuring the not so light players? Displaying an attacking defensive style that was just beginning to be realized by the Baylor faithful, defensive coordinator Phil Bennett dialed up a blitz with Sam Holl coming hard off of the edge. Holl would simply beat his man and chase after a rolling out of the pocket Buffalo quarterback. With a terrifically timed hit and spear of quarterbacks arm, the ball came loose right to the feet of junior linebacker Bryce Hager. Thus started a 91 yard journey to the end zone that left both Hager and Baylor fans out of breath.

Play #4

Tevin Reese snares the ball out of the air and scores against West Virginia

Tevin Reese was always fast, but the early season 2013 exploits of the senior receiver showed off a developing ability to just go simply get any ball that Bryce Petty threw up. This is an incomplete pass 99 times out of a 100 with any other receiver. Reese broke perfectly, and just simply caught up to the overthrown ball to simply get a hand on it. However, it is the juggling catch afterwards and the stumbling into the end zone that puts this near the top of the best plays list.

Play # 3

Levin Norwood Punt return TD against Texas Tech

With the Bears trailing 21-7 and the first quarter dwindling to an end, the Bears offense was struggling to find its form. Texas Tech had scored on its first three drives of the game, but the Bears defense finally found itself and stopped the Red Raiders deep in their own territory. With the Red Raiders punting, the Bears had an excellent chance of great field position, but Levi decided to not leave the scoring just to his buddies on offense. He zigged and zagged through the hole Red Raiders punt return defense and got the Bears a big touchdown to make it a one-score game.

Play #2

Eddie Lackey picks off Blake Bell to setup another Baylor score before halftime

In a tight game that the Bears had just started to pull away in, this was the one that ended the Sooners chances of a big upset in Waco. With the score 10-5, Baylor scored on a 1-yard touchdown run by Bryce Petty. On the following possession with just 54 seconds left, the Sooners inexplicably decided to try and put some points on the board, despite have no timeouts and being on their own 28 yard line.

Eddie Lackey played the pass route perfectly, giving Bell a small window to his tight end, however the senior linebacker was setting him up. He lunged back towards the pass and intercepted the ball with 48 seconds to go which set up the Bears second touchdown in the last minute of the first half to take a dominating 25-4 lead.

Play #1

Antwan Goodley just needs 1-hand for a touchdown against Texas

With the score tied 3-3 at halftime and the game deciding the Big 12 champion, the Bears received the ball in the second half looking to finally get into the end zone. On a drive that saw them convert 4 third downs, including three longer than 9 yards, it was a third-9 touchdown play that put the Bears up 10-3. After missing a wide open Jordan Najvar for an easy touchdown on second down, Bryce Petty found Antwan Goodley on a short slant route. The ball was slightly ahead of Goodley, but he stuck his right hand out and speared the ball. With the weather making the ball feel more like a 20 pound bag of cement, Goodley brought the pigskin to his body and strolled in for the Bears first touchdown of the game.

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