Statistical Review of the Baylor Offense

The Baylor football season is over. There will be no more games for this special team. So what else is there to do other than dive into the stats, and take a look at what the Baylor Bears accomplished this season and what they have coming back next year.

The 2013-2014 Baylor Bears will go down as the best team in Baylor history. The 11 wins were the most in school history and its Big 12 championship and BCS bowl game were the first in school history. It was truly a memorable season for the Bears. The Bears set school records for points per game at 52.4, offensive yards per game at 618.8. Baylor had a top 15 passing attack (359.1 – 5th) and rushing attack (259.7 – 13th). But what other stats did the Bears excel in that did not get as much press?

The Other Stats

-The Bears lost only 16 turnovers the whole year, which was the 13th fewest in FBS, and was tied for 3rd fewest for a BCS conference team behind Louisville (10 turnovers) and Kentucky (15 turnovers).

-The Bears led the nation in yards passing per attempt at 10.4. They were also 13th in yards per rush as well with 5.37 yards per attempt.

-Baylor allowed just 22 sacks the entire year, or just 1.69 per game. That was the 44th lowest number in college football, but doesn't account for the offensive styles. Only 4.91% of all passing attempts for the Bears resulted in a sack.

-As a whole, Baylor did an incredible job of avoiding negative plays. They only allowed 67 tackles for loss all season, the 37th fewest in the nation. That is incredible considering the high number of plays that the Bears had from scrimmage. The Bears averaged 85.2 plays per game against FBS schools, which was the 5th most in the country. Just over 6% of Baylor's offensive plays resulted in a play for a loss.

-Where the Bears truly shined brightest though was in big plays. Baylor had 3 more 20 yards or more plays than any other team in the nation. They had 11 more plays of more than 30 yards. Ten of 40 or more than anyone else and 4 more plays of 50 yards or more. No one could touch this Bears offense in terms of big plays.


Team Leader – Bryce Petty

Returning Leader – Petty

The Bears received tremendous news when Bryce Petty announced that he was coming back for his senior season at Baylor. The Junior quarterback was one of the most productive passers in college football last year, throwing for 4,200 yards to go along with 32 touchdowns and just 3 interceptions. With his return, Baylor has 100% of their quarterback stats coming back with backup quarterback Seth Russell and wide receiver Levi Norwood being the only other players to complete a pass. Linebacker Brody Trahan did attempt 1 pass this year, but it was incomplete on a fake punt attempt.


Team Leader – Lache Seastrunk

Returning Leader – Rashodrick Linwood

This position is one of the hardest hit for the team. Gone are two of the three leading rushers for the Bears, with Lache Seastrunk leading the way with 1,177 yards. Bryce Petty led the Bears in rushing touchdowns with 14, but gone are Seastrunk's 11 and Glasco Martin's 7. But Baylor does have three threats coming back in Rashodrick Linwood, Devin Chafin and quarterback Bryce Petty.

% of Rushing Attempts Returning – 55.66%

% of Rushing Yards Returning – 49.84%

% of Rushing Touchdowns Returning – 61.7%


Team Leader – Antwan Goodley

Returning Leader – Goodley

The Bears will be returning all of their wide receivers, except for speedster Tevin Reese. They are losing their top two tight ends, but they combined for just 12 receptions on the year. Reese is the big loss, with his 867 yards and 8 touchdowns in just 10 games. But Baylor has their leading in catches, yards, and touchdowns coming back in Antwan Goodley.

% of Receptions Returning – 81.22%

% of Receiving Yards Returning – 77.82%

% of Receiving Touchdowns Returning – 77.14%

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