Baylor Recruiting Focus: Loren Mondy

2017 prospect, and Arizona State Commit, Loren Mondy is seeing interest in him grow every month. BearsIllustrated caught up with the sophomore-to-be, to get an update on his recruitment and find out his summer plans.

Going to his sophomore campaign, Loren Mondy has seen interest in him continue to pick up over the past couple of months. Being 6'1, 225 lbs, and running a self-reported 4.8 in the 40, will help to increase that interest. However, the 2017 Arizona State commit is much more than that. Mondy is a well-spoke, very respectful young man, and it is sometimes difficult to find that type of maturity at that age. BearsIllustrated introduces Baylor fans to this top 2017 prospect.

During the summer of 2013, Mondy received his first offer from Arizona State University. He quickly gave his commitment to the Sun Devils, after mulling over the offer. "I've known Coach Graham for a while. I actually know him personally, so it was great to see how much belief he had in me, with an early offer," Mondy said. "I just felt like they looked at me as a player, instead of how young I was. That meant a lot to me."

With his commitment to Arizona State, Mondy says that he is solid to the PAC 12 school, but that a couple of teams could give him something to think about. "I really like Baylor, USC, and Michigan. Those schools have come by and shown a lot of interest in me. Again for the type of player I am on the football field, and not because I'm only a sophomore in HS."

Baylor is one of the three schools that could be close to offering, Mondy says, and its his relationship with Linebackers Coach (Jim) Gush that has him liking Baylor. "I like Baylor a lot. I've been to campus several times, not only for Football, but on the academics side as well. My first visit was back in 8th grade, when we took a school field trip to the school," he said. "I like the atmosphere, and just feel comfortable on campus. Coach Gush heard about me from Darrion Daniels father, at a Junior Day event, and came up to the school one week to see me. Since then we have built a great relationship."

Besides being a player on the football field, Mondy is looking for a school that has a strong academic background. "I'm not going to play football my whole life, so I want to make sure that I attend a school that can help me further my education. I want to work in the medical field, maybe as a family doctor, and want to make sure the school I attend can help me get there."

Mondy says that he is only interested in those schools that believe in him this early, as Arizona State did, and will stick with him to the end. And although his commitment to Arizona State is a solid one, Mondy hopes that more schools, that have shown early attention, will offer. 2017 signing day is still a few years away, so Loren's recruitment is only getting started, and BearsIllustrated will be there along the way.

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