Who Could Be Next?

BearsIllustrated takes a look at 5 prospects who could all pledge to the Bears. With the commitment of Breckyn Hager, the Bears sit at 11 commitments, who will be the next to pull the trigger for the Big 12 Champions?

With the Bears at 11 commitments for the 2015 class, we take a look at who could be next to commit to the Bears. We will provide 5 names to keep an eye on. The Bears are looking at a small class this year, and could take 5 more and call it a day. Of course. there are some big names that could call the Bears name later in the recruiting process, but the Bears will certainly find room to add those elite caliber recruits, should they decide for the Bears!

Most likely to commit soon....

Abilene Wylie Linebacker Clay Johnston

Johnston visited Baylor on Friday with his father, S&C Coach for the San Diego Chargers, Kent Johnston. Clay has flown under the radar, but was placed on everyones radar screen after a huge performance at the Nike SPARQ Combine at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Johnston is being recruited by Baylor to fill the "Bear" (Nickelback) position in Coach Phil Bennetts defense. Look for Johnston to commit to the Bears soon.

LA Pierce (JUCO) Offensive Tackle Deya Mhiesen

While the Bears have 2 commitments along with offensive line, Coach Art Briles and Coach Randy Clements will be looking for someone to fill the Offensive Tackle position next to Maurice Porter. It would seem a little confusing for the Bears to take 2 JUCO OT's in this class without a HS commit, but the Bears took 5 lineman in last years class, with a couple of them slated for the tackle position, so the Bears should be fine taking these 2 JUCO tackles. Mhiesen will visit Baylor in June, and if he likes everything he sees, he could end his recruitment then and there. Mhiesen will graduate in December and will 3 years to play 2.

Who could commit before the season.....

Waco Midway Safety Kahlil Haughton

Haughton recently released a Top 10 list that included the Bears. It would be hard to bet against Coach Art Briles getting another elite Midway HS recruit. Haughton has several people in his camp that could help sway him to the Bears, but in the end it will come down to his relationship with the coaching staff. Coach Briles offered Haughton early on in the process, and since then Haughton has become one of the most sought after Safties in the country.

Bishop Dunne Defensive Lineman Darrion Daniels

Darrion Daniels is one to certainly watch for Baylor. Daniels has been on a campus a handful of times and Baylor is the only school he has visited up to this point. Daniels likes the direction the program is going and has developed a great relationship with DL Coach (Chris) Achuff. Daniels would be a huge coup for the Bears, and would give the Bears an elite presence on the DL, that they are seemingly pulling in every year it seems like. Daniels is an elite prospect and one the Bears have an excellent change of pulling in.

Plano West Running Back Sotonye "Soso" Jamabo

Soso is the prospect that the coaching staff wants. Jamabo has been at the top of the recruiting board since he was offered, and there is a mutual relationship between the two. Jamabo would be a perfect complement to fellow RB commit JaMycal Hasty. This would provide the Bears with the "Thunder and Lightning" combo that Coach Briles covets. Jamabo will soon start narrowing things down, but look for him to be a Bear when it is all said and done.

One for the road....

So I said 5 recruits, but I thought I would give you guys a wild card prospect to think about. Malik Jefferson will be a prospect to keep a close eye on, as the Bears begin to close out this recruiting class. Jefferson is a big time prospect and the Bears will certainly have an uphill climb and a ton of high level schools to battle against, but call me crazy, I think the Bears will land Jefferson. There is just something there. Jefferson has been on campus several times and has built an excellent relationship with the coaching staff. Jefferson will likely take his time for a decision, but the Bears will certainly look for a spot for Jefferson should he decide to make the call for the Bears.

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